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Bold Steps Toward G20 Issue Resolution at the G20 Summit, says the EU President

Charles Michel, president of the European Council, recently stressed that while the G20 Summit in New Delhi may not be able to fix every issue facing the world on its own, it has the ability to make considerable progress toward doing so in the future. India has been working hard to build support for a final declaration, but the conclusion is still up in the air. In addition, Michel promised that the European Union will help India’s efforts in this area. The European Council, the body in charge of setting the EU’s overall political priorities and direction, is crucial in determining the EU’s position on the world stage.

Issues on the International Stage

Michel recognized that the two-day G20 Summit might not be long enough to address the range of global issues. However, he emphasized how the summit may be a brave step forward in addressing these complex concerns. The President emphasized equitable digital architecture, climate change, and more help for developing countries as some of the themes that were up for discussion. Michel also reiterated the EU’s support for Ukraine and its preparedness to put more sanctions on Russia.

Criticism of Russia’s Behavior

Charles Michel denounced Russia for allegedly attacking a Ukrainian port, saying that this will make the world’s food shortages worse. Michel criticized the Kremlin’s actions as robbing those in need because over 250 million people globally suffer from severe food insecurity. He voiced his shock by saying, “It’s outrageous that Russia is now impeding and targeting Ukrainian sea ports after starting the Black Sea Grain program. This needs to stop right away so grain ships can access the Black Sea.

lowering reliance on Russian oil

The European Council President recognized that the war in Ukraine had revealed the EU’s vulnerability to Russian energy supply in response to inquiries about the EU’s reliance on Russian oil. EU member states have responded by taking action to lessen this dependence. Michel drew attention to the quick advancements made in this area, including significant expenditures on renewable energy sources and the diversification of energy sources. He stressed again the EU’s will to further up these initiatives in the upcoming months. The EU’s sanctions against Russian fossil fuels also make it clear that it values Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Across Divides on the Global Stage

Charles Michel stressed the EU’s ability to contribute significantly to closing the gap between Western countries and the Global South in his conclusion. The world is watching the G20 Summit in New Delhi with interest, hoping that the bold decisions made here would really pave the path for significant advancement on urgent global challenges.