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Pico 4: New firmware upgrade offers a number of enhancements

One of the largest firmware updates for the Pico 4 has just been released by Pico. What new features and enhancements are included in Pico OS 5.7.0?

At least in Europe and a few other nations, Pico 4 has been available for ten months. The US, the country with the biggest VR market, has not yet seen a debut.

Pico is modifying the firmware for the VR headset in the interim. The following enhancements and features are included in Pico OS 5.7.0.

Hand tracking is more reliable and accurate.
The hand and finger tracking algorithms in Pico have been upgraded. Hand tracking should now function more precisely and steadily overall because the jitter of virtual hands has been decreased.

Better spatial tracking in dimly lit, spacious spaces
Additionally, Pico has improved the 6DoF algorithms. There should be less tracking jitter in large, dark spaces or when the head is stationary. When the player enters the barrier again, it drifts less frequently now.

Sharper PC VR streaming thanks to filters

Now, Pico’s standard software includes a sharpness filter for those who don’t use Virtual Desktop. Adjustable sharpness levels range from 0% to 100%. Additionally enhanced are the PC VR streaming controller haptics.

Regular updates

The system automatically updates firmware and restarts the system when the screen is off and the battery level is higher than 50%. Manual updates are no longer required as a result.

choices for new recordings

There are now options for recording VR content in a vertical format with a 9:16 aspect ratio (for posting videos on social media). Here, you can choose between a better resolution and frame rates of 24 and 36 FPS. You no longer need to open the file manager in order to see recorded content because image stabilization is now turned on by default.

A better video player will produce images

It is currently claimed that the video player offers an overall crisper view.

Scan bank cards

By using the firmware update’s most unique new function, passthrough mode, you can scan credit card info without having to manually type in numbers.

Added advancements

The user interface and browser performance have occasionally been improved by Pico. Along with other bug patches, the system’s stability and speed have been enhanced.

By the way, many of these upgrades also apply to Pico Neo 3 Link. The Pico board has the whole release notes.

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