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molestation of a student in Varanasi’s IIT-BHU late night, students created a ruckus

Varanasi : On Wednesday night, three guys are accused of molesting and stripping an IIT-BHU student as she was out for a walk during the night. After raping the victim, the accused recorded the incident on camera. It has now been revealed that there was a molestation incident on campus two days prior to this horrible occurrence. On the other hand, no formal complaint has been made in this respect.

In response to claims that they had been molested, students at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-BHU in Varanasi organized a protest. After demonstrating for almost fifteen hours and receiving guarantees that the perpetrators would be apprehended and the campus would be secured, the students withdrew from their sit-in.

That being said, there have been other instances of this kind of thing happening at IIT-BHU. Two days prior to the student’s clothes being taken off and her picture being taken on Wednesday, there was an identical occurrence that happened on Monday. The same young people who carried out the horrible deed on Wednesday were reportedly also there at that episode.

But the incident was not taken seriously by the IIT-BHU administration or the students. The Manchals’ spirits rose after this occurrence, and on Wednesday night, they committed a major crime with the student.

According to Pranav Kishore, vice-president of the student parliament at IIT-BHU, the event happened at the same location where the girl was molested late on Wednesday night two days prior.

The Manchals gripped the student’s hand while beating him in the event that happened on Monday. Two days later, on Wednesday night, the same scenario happened again, and this time the students lost it and began to protest.

Additionally, a report has been made on the incident that occurred on Monday. This included Wednesday night’s late hour. He has been identified by police. He stated that further data is being gathered by the Student Parliament.

Pranav stated that he had reported the molestation event to his proctor’s office on Monday night. The police were then notified from that location as well, but the students declined to file an official complaint. The girl did not want to file an official complaint, thus it was not recorded.