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Mining billionaire Harpal Randhawa was murdered in a plane disaster in Zimbabwe.

When the plane crashed in the Zvamahande neighborhood of Mashava, Harpal Randhawa, the owner of RioZim, a diversified mining firm that produces gold, coal, and refines nickel and copper, along with his son and four other people, perished.

According to media sources, Indian billionaire and mining mogul Harpal Randhawa and his son were two of the six people killed after their private plane crashed near a diamond mine in southwestern Zimbabwe due to a mechanical issue.

The plane crashed in the Zvamahande region of Mashava, killing Harpal Randhawa, his son, and four other people, according to iHarare, a news and media website in Zimbabwe. RioZim is a diverse mining corporation that produces gold, coal, as well as refines nickel and copper.

When the sad tragedy happened on Friday, RioZim’s Cessna 206 aircraft was en route from Harare to the Murowa diamond mine.

Near the Murowa Diamonds mine, which is partially owned by RioZim, a single-engine aircraft crashed.

Prior to crashing into Peter Farm in the Zvamahande region, the aircraft had a mechanical issue that may have caused an explosion in midair.

According to the study, the catastrophe claimed the lives of everyone onboard passengers and crew.

Police reportedly claimed that two Zimbabweans and four foreigners were among the victims, according to the state-owned daily newspaper The Herald.

Six fatalities have been verified in a plane crash that occurred on September 29 between 7:30 and 8 in the morning, according to the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

The white and red Zcam aircraft, which belonged to the Murowa Diamond Company (RioZim), crashed around 6 kilometers from Mashava after taking off from Harare at 6 am towards the mine.

The crash was confirmed by RioZim, which also stated that it was collaborating with the appropriate authorities to learn more.

Police have not yet disclosed the names of the deceased, but Randhawa’s buddy, journalist and filmmaker Hopewell Chinono, has confirmed his passing.

“I am shocked to learn that RioZim’s owner, Harpal Randhawa, died in a plane crash in Zvishavane today. The tragedy also claimed the lives of five other individuals, including his son, who was a pilot but a passenger on this trip, according to Chinono on X.

His wife, family, friends, and the RioZim community are in my thoughts.

A detailed statement will be released, according to the RioZim company secretary.

“At this time, I am unable to speak to the media. However, we will be making a statement as soon as we can, he added.

GEM Holdings, a private equity company worth USD 4 billion, was founded by Randhawa.

The local community and law enforcement organizations are collaborating to handle the repercussions of the jet crash in the meanwhile.