Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Microsoft users are cautioned to use caution after thieves used Bing Chat to spread malware

Cybercriminals use the AI chatbot on Bing Chat to transmit malware through phony adverts. Users are advised to use caution.

An alarming problem is that fraudsters are using Bing Chat, an AI-powered chatbot, to distribute malware-infected software installers that advertise phony websites. The well-known cybersecurity company Malwarebytes has made the frightening discovery of malware-containing software, raising serious worries about the potential danger it poses to consumers who unwittingly download such hazardous stuff onto their computers.

Early in 2023, Microsoft unveiled the AI chatbot, which makes use of the GPT-4 language model to engage people in real-time conversations about a variety of topics. However, the research claims that when users engage with Bing Chat, adverts appear as links. Malicious actors use these links as a means of spreading malware.

These corrupted adverts, according to the research, are exactly like Advanced IP scanners. A link appears in the chat along with sponsored links at the top when users ask Bing Chat about software downloads. When visitors click on these sponsored links, they are taken to a website that uses advanced techniques to distinguish between real people and robotic crawlers or bots. If they are identified as a real person, they are then sent to a fraudulent website with the domain name “advanced-ip-scanner[.]com.” Users of this fraudulent website come across a false prompt encouraging them to download an installer, which unhappily contains harmful software.

Users using Bing Chat need to be more cautious when clicking on links that the chatbot offers. Even while Bing Chat is a helpful informational tool, it’s important to be aware of and guard against any risks presented by fake adverts.

Utilizing traditional search engines is a sensible step for people to think about, as they often offer sponsored adverts in a more transparent way. Additionally, installing an ad blocker beforehand can successfully protect devices from dangerous adverts, decreasing the possibility of unintentionally endorsing harmful websites.