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Lewis Hamilton Warns Fans: “You’re Definitely Going to Get Tired of Me

Since Lewis Hamilton still hasn’t signed a contract extension with Mercedes, the future of the British driver has been a major topic of discussion during F1’s 2023 Silly Season. As a result, rumors have started to circulate regarding whether the 38-year-old will change teams or possibly consider retiring. But Hamilton made it obvious in a recent interview with that he has no immediate plans to retire, so his followers will get weary of him.

The Mercedes driver recently made this admission, but it is important to note that he is aware of the compromises he must make to stay in the sport for a longer period of time. In a recent interview with Channel 4, Hamilton discussed his concerns about how long he can stay in Formula 1.

“There were times when I questioned if I could continue. And that’s just based on the fact that people travel a lot,” he said. Furthermore, it does appear from his most recent interview that he has made some contradictory statements on his future.

Lewis Hamilton claims that he is still inspired to continue racing.

Lewis Hamilton talked about how he does not miss racing over the summer break because it is so brief in the opening of his most recent interview with He did, however, make it plain that this does not imply that he has any immediate plans to cease.

When asked if he was still inspired to continue racing, the British athlete responded, “That’s simple! Even now, I enjoy racing. He continued by saying that the areas he still has room to improve on keep him motivated.

“I constantly think I could do better. I enjoy the challenge of figuring out how to build up my body’s strength to get past a limit when I reach one. It is the notion that you can improve at anything. I’ll therefore remain here for a considerable amount of time. You’re going to become bored of me, I can tell,” he said.

Hamilton has previously dismissed speculation about a retirement. The 38-year-old said he feels like he is at his peak and can race for a lot longer in an interview from earlier this year.

Hamilton previously stated he is prepared to put in more effort to keep himself in shape.

Lewis Hamilton has made it plain that he is prepared to work harder to deal with the same, as many people think that age is an issue that could cause him to retire early. The seven-time world champion used Tom Brady as an example in an interview with ESPN earlier this year to illustrate how legends of many sports have shown that a high level can be maintained with hard work.