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Learning comes before earning, so start by closing the gap by GapUp from Rigi Platform

The GapUp platform from Rigi provides paid courses, webinars, and pay-per-view content on numerous investment themes in an effort to close the knowledge gap for stock traders and investors. The portal offers trading advisory services from analysts who have registered with SEBI and features material from well-known digital artists.
Have you ever gotten “hot” stock suggestions on Telegram, WhatsApp, or other social media platforms? Most likely, you did. Investors frequently encounter buy ideas that initially seem like easy wins but, more often than not, end up producing significant losses. Making money in stocks has never been simple, whether it is due to uninvited investment advice, a knowledge gap, a lack of a wise risk management approach, or an early departure from a trading position.

The likelihood of becoming wealthy as a stock trader depends not just on market whims but also on tight self-discipline, risk management, and individual investing expertise. It goes without saying that closing this information gap is crucial for aspiring traders and investors.

Although YouTube has a lot of useful content, it is not complete, so investors are left with more questions than answers. In order to invest in stocks, one must not only select the ideal stock but also the ideal technique at the ideal moment.

Many new ideas have developed to fill this void. One such idea is the unique platform GapUp by Rigi, which provides a singular method of upskilling investors with various investment horizons. This is made possible by a boutique of carefully curated paid courses, pay-to-view content, and webinars on various topics, including options trading, Nifty Bank strategies, intraday and positional trading, multibagger investing, and options scalping, among others. The best and most well-known digital content producers from many industries generated these materials.

Acquiring such knowledge might be essential, especially in light of the fact that domestic stock indices are trading at or near record highs and provide little room for error even when compared to historical averages.

With the current concerns about the Fed’s “longer for higher” narrative, skyrocketing oil prices, geopolitical unrest, and enormous intraday volatility in stocks, it may be especially beneficial for an army of lakhs of traders to learn market complexities and adopt investing strategies to align trades with their overall financial goals in the context of unique learning experiences. The number of demat accounts and stakes in the nation have risen to around 13 billion.

The unique courses offered on Rigi’s GapUp platform are designed to provide users with hours of learning experience, broken up into multiple focused lessons, enhancing their learning curve. Users can learn the subtleties of complex charts, trends, and data points with precision and step-by-step guidance, for instance, by attending technical sessions led by digital content providers who have registered on the platform. This place offers a flexible learning environment. Similar situations arise with webinars and pay-per-view content, which are intended to improve investor skill sets and unlock their potential for greater market trend prediction and data-driven decision-making.

GapUp is a one-stop shop for those looking for trading advice from SEBI-registered analysts, delivering knowledge from several well-known market veterans with large followings and up to three decades of experience on Dalal Street. These services offer a few daily equity, futures, and options calls on Telegram or WhatsApp groups, as well as notifications on significant occurrences during market hours that may aid traders in making wise selections.

For those investors who are interested in learning the skill of picking long-term stock bets, GapUp also provides seminars, webinars, and investing advising services. On a semi-annual or annual subscription basis, one can sign up for such advisory services that provide long-term investment suggestions with growth potential. GapUp’s offers may be of interest to investors who are drawn to tiny and micro cap stocks but are unsure of how to proceed due to the paucity of publicly available data on a number of micro cap companies. GapUp provides services for everyone, including investors who want to concentrate primarily on large cap and mid market companies.

Each product has a distinct subscription price and duration because the content is developed by a group of professionals with various skill sets and levels of experience.

Offerings from GapUp go beyond addressing the stock market knowledge gap. It covers a variety of topics, including budgeting, business and entrepreneurship, test-taking and preparation, technology, and data science, as well as certain non-financial but significant facets of life, like parenting and relationships, fitness and health, and music and entertainment.

GapUp, for instance, offers a wealth of investment taxation webinars and courses geared at improving understanding of how one may successfully manage and mitigate tax effects. How, for instance, do capital gains affect returns in various asset groups. GapUp seminars and webinars provide in-depth information on using specialized tools to simplify difficult computations and ensure precise financial planning.

Additionally, Rigi’s GapUp is getting ready to add content on artificial intelligence (AI) soon, which could assist its members remain on top of the latest developments.

Swapnil Saurav and Ananya Singhal created Rigi, which was founded in October 2021. Stellaris Venture Partners, Accel India, Elevation Capital, PeakXV, and former Indian captain MS Dhoni are among those who have invested in Rigi. It boasts of providing services from more than 15,000 creators in 20 different categories.