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‘Jeffrey Epstein kept nude images and…’: Survivor exposes ‘secret room’ at financier’s New York townhouse

(News Trust of India) : She also displayed a large image of her and another female indulging in sexual actions in the chamber referred to as the dungeon.

Jeffrey Epstein has a secret chamber termed ‘the dungeon’ in his New York City townhouse where he kept ‘nude photographs’ of victims at his desk and all about the room, Yahoo News claimed quoting Virginia Giuffre, one of the victims and a key figure in the investigation.

Giuffre also said that in the room there was a large photograph of her and another female indulging in sexual actions.

Her testimony states, “So there were pictures on his desk in the office and around that room, and then there’s this room that I refer to as the dungeon and that had a massive photograph of myself and another female, I mean huge as in bigger than that wall cabinet.”

“There is a painting depicting both of us doing nasty actions together,” Giuffre stated in her testimony.

“Sexual acts, you know what I’m saying?” Giuffre added when explaining the word ‘salacious acts’

The “nude photographs” of victims were exhibited throughout the home. Such images may be located in the entertainment room, Ghislaine Maxwell’s office, and Epstein’s bedroom.

She testified, “My assumption is there is at least 50 photographs on that table, some with nude photographs, some with girls in raunchy, forgive me when I say raunchy, I mean lingerie photos mixed in with Jeffrey [Epstein] and some of the privileged people he’s met, such as, you know, I don’t know, like old girlfriends or models or Naomi Campbell or whatever the case is; but among all of those photographs would be nude photographs.”

Epstein, a rich money manager, surrounded himself with celebrities, top academics and big personalities from the fashion and politics sectors before he was arrested in Palm Beach, Florida, in 2006 and accused of paying underage girls for sex.

He served 13 months in a jail work release program. Outrage at his plea deal, fueled by reports in the Miami Herald, led federal prosecutors in fresh York to seek fresh sex trafficking charges against Epstein in 2019, and he committed himself in a federal jail cell while awaiting trial.

Dozens of women say Epstein sexually molested them at his houses in New York, Florida, the Virgin Islands and New Mexico.