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Educational Beacon: How Neha Mujawdiya’s TutorCabin Lights the Path for Rural Learning

(News Trust of India) : Neha Mujawdiya, from Melkheda village in the Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh, had a constant worry that she might face the same fate as many girls in rural India—getting married at a young age and being unable to pursue her own dreams, instead being tied down by family obligations. With a strong desire to escape this repetitive fate, Neha began an innovative path, giving rise to a forward-thinking project called TutorCabin.

After completing her undergraduate studies near her hometown, Neha continued her education and obtained an MBA and ACA from Indore. In spite of these academic achievements, her family always encouraged her to come back home, a result of societal disapproval aimed at sending a single woman to the city. Considering this, she said, “Because of the ongoing societal judgment, my parents begged me to come back.”

Neha’s disclosure revealed a troubling truth—parents in rural areas spent excessive amounts on coaching lessons for their children, only to see disappointing outcomes. Expanding on this, Neha explained, “The lack of quality in coaching sessions makes the lectures uninteresting for students.” She saw that students in rural areas didn’t have access to educational resources due to budgetary constraints and the societal stigma associated with women pursuing school and jobs on their own.

As a result, Neha came up with the idea of providing educational materials to these isolated settlements, which led to the establishment of TutorCabin in October 2018. Equipped with five years of experience and research in coaching pupils, she used around Rs. 25,000, collected from private tuition profits, to bring her concept to life.

TutorCabin, an online bastion of “complete educational solutions,” not only bridges the distance between educators and students but also gives rigorous training to teachers before their admittance into the TutorCabin brotherhood. Students undertake extensive examinations to detect their inclinations and capabilities, consequently being partnered with educators suited to their needs.

Recognizing the variation in kids’ academic interests, Neha emphasized, “While every child possesses identical cognitive capacities, individual predilections vary. We ensure students interact with subjects corresponding with their interests, adjusting our teaching services accordingly.” Boasting a cadre of 1500 professors, TutorCabin has given tutelage to numerous pupils across India and chosen abroad countries, including the United States. Offline lessons have pervaded towns like Bhopal, Indore, and nearby localities within Madhya Pradesh.

Despite its affordability, TutorCabin is unwavering in its dedication to unmatched quality. Neha stated, “Our coaching charges are accessible to village students, yet we steadfastly uphold the standards of excellence.” Beyond the bounds of affordability, Neha extends her kindness by offering free English speaking courses, recognizing the linguistic barrier encountered by pupils from smaller areas. Having personally weathered the hurdles of language difference, she imparts free spoken English lessons to augment confidence and academic proficiency.

Beyond linguistic aid, Neha’s charity extends to people orphaned by the COVID-19 pandemic. Approximately 150 kids across India have received free coaching, exemplifying TutorCabin’s commitment to societal welfare.

As the fiscal year unfolds, TutorCabin stands as a tribute to Neha’s efforts, having a revenue surpassing Rs. 22 lakh. Dismissing monetary rewards as a secondary goal, Neha rejoices in the far-reaching impact her venture has had on kids in rural environments. She intends to quadruple the revenue, propelled by an unshakable commitment to provide exceptional coaching services and educational resources to the remotest areas.

Neha’s achievement has not only metamorphosed her parents’ perception but has also spurred a paradigm shift in society attitudes. From yielding to societal pressures, her parents now revel in pride, with fellow villages seeking her counsel for their children’s schooling. TutorCabin’s excellence has not gone unnoticed, garnering distinctions such as being named among the top 60 startups by Kuberans House, a $5000 reward, and acknowledgment from IIM Bangalore as the preeminent edutech startup servicing a societal need. Additionally, TutorCabin has been picked by the Government of India and India SME forum to drive initiatives for educational system enhancement and quality education offering.