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‘Indian’ hackers momentarily disrupted the Canadian Army website

Indian hackers

A hack on Wednesday briefly disrupted the Canadian Forces website. In a social media post, a gang of hackers going by the name of “Indian Cyber Force” claimed responsibility for the onslaught.

On Wednesday, the official website of the Canadian Armed Forces was momentarily unavailable. The website was hacked, according to a story by The Telegraph, by a gang of hackers known as “Indian Cyber Force,” who took credit for the cyberattack on X (formerly Twitter).

According to Daniel Le Bouthillier, director of public relations at the Department of National Defence, the issue started at midday and was resolved later.

The Indian Cyber Force released a screenshot of the website’s error message along with an announcement that the “Canadian Airforce Website has been taken down” in a post on X.

According to a story in The Globe and Mail, while some PC users were able to access the site, most mobile devices were unable to.

The impacted website is segregated from the internal networks and public websites of the Department of National Defence and the Government of Canada. Le Bouthillier reassured that there were no signs that their systems will be affected more broadly.

The matter is presently being looked at by the Canadian Forces, which include all military activities in Canada, including the navy, special command units, air, and space operations.

On September 21, the Indian Cyber Force had earlier warned Canada, telling the country to “get ready to feel the power” of its cyberattacks.

This incident occurred during the diplomatic stalemate between India and Canada following claims made last week by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

India strongly denied the accusations, labeling them as “absurd” in a statement. Additionally, it urged Canada to take tough action against terrorists and anti-Indian groups operating on its land and halted Canadians’ access to visa services.