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If the CBI doesn’t discover anything, would the PM resign? – Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, questioned if Prime Minister Narendra Modi would step down from office if the CBI’s investigation into the charges surrounding the remodeling of his home came up empty-handed.

Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, spoke out against the charges involving the remodeling of his home on Thursday and questioned whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi would step down if the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) was unable to discover any evidence.

Kejriwal’s statement was made the day after the Union Home Ministry requested a CBI investigation into BJP claims that the Delhi government spent Rs 45 crore renovating his home. After then, the investigation agency opened a preliminary investigation into the potential irregularities.

The CBI investigation, according to the Delhi Chief Minister, is “welcome” since “they will not find anything.” In addition, he noted that this is not the first time he has been under investigation, adding that “Kejriwal will not bow down no matter how many fake investigations are initiated.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, according to Arvind Kejriwal, is “nervous” as seen by the Center’s request for a CBI investigation. When asked about the preliminary investigation by the CBI, Kejriwal responded, “This demonstrates that the Prime Minister is worried. This isn’t the first time someone has asked about me. More than 50 inquiries have already been started. They may claim that the alcohol policy was corrupted at times, while at other times it may be the buses, schools, or roadways.

More than 33 cases have been filed against me. Since I became Delhi’s Chief Minister eight years ago, they have been looking into the matter, but nothing has been discovered. This fresh investigation has been launched. Since nothing will be discovered, I embrace this as well.

For housing during COVID, RS 45 crore was spent.

When Delhi’s BJP president Virendra Sachdeva said that Rs 45 crore was spent on Kejriwal’s bungalow’s “beautification” at a time when Delhi was facing the Covid-19 outbreak, the BJP’s accusations against Kejriwal first surfaced. Following that, Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena gave the Chief Secretary instructions to compile a report on the incident and gather all relevant documents pertaining to the suspected irregularities.

The refurbishment included prima facie anomalies, according to the Chief Secretary’s assessment, which also identified deviations/violations made by the Public Works Department of the Delhi government.

Saxena requested a CBI investigation in a letter to the agency in May based on this report. The Public Works Department was ordered by the CBI on Wednesday to deliver all records pertaining to the suspected violations by October 3.