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India-China ties have never been straightforward, according to EAM Jaishankar

According to External Affairs Minister Jaishankar, the 75-year history of the India-China relationship has been marked by cycles of confrontation and collaboration. There hasn’t been a military fatality on the border since 1975, despite tensions.

External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar said on Tuesday that the ties between the two countries have not always been simple, highlighting the India-China relationship that has experienced cycles of conflict and collaboration over the past 75 years.

Jaishankar stated, “I was the ambassador from 2009, immediately following the global financial crisis, until 2013,” during the ‘Discussion at Council on Foreign Relations’ in New York. After seeing the changing of the guard in China, I traveled to the US. Relationship has never been simple. It has always had its fair share of issues.

“It experienced a war in 1962, followed by military occurrences. However, there has never been a military or combat death on the border since 1975, according to the minister, who was quoted by ANI.

Dealing with China is enjoyable since they rarely explain their actions, leaving you to guess at their motivations. There is usually some degree of ambiguity, he continued.

Recent Chinese provocations, such as the publication of its “standard map” for 2023, asserting control over Arunachal Pradesh and the Aksai Chin region, and refusing Indian athletes competing in the Hangzhou Asian Games visas, have strained relations between India and China.

“One of the paradoxes, and the G20 made that very clear. You now have a much more pronounced East-West split, which is not solely or even primarily caused by the situation in Ukraine. You have a significant North-South gap in part due of Covid, but also for other reasons. We are one of the few nations, in my opinion, with the capacity to truly resolve both of these problems, Jaishankar said.

He also stressed how many blocs and groups India has recently joined, according to reports from ANI.

If you take a look over the last ten years, it’s interesting. We now participate in additional organizations. After 2008, QUAD was resurrected in 2017. It has progressively improved till it reaches the president’s level in 2021.

“The India-Middle East-European Economic Corridor is the most recent. India, Israel, the US, and the UAE are members of a coalition known as the I2U2. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization welcomed us. We have a couple more groups that are closer to home,” Jaishankar added.