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Horticulturist Kundan Singh Panwar: Converting Garden Spaces into Prosperous Refuges

Nainbagh (Inder Singh Negi) : Narayani Udyan, a spectacular metamorphosis brought about by farmer Kundan Singh Panwar’s unflinching passion and determination, has taken root in the picturesque surroundings of Gram Panchayat Pab Semyani, around 10 kilometers away from Nainbagh, Jaunpur, tehri garhwal. In his narrative, plants and trees have evolved into more than just allies—they are now necessary for survival. After years of hard work and steadfast dedication, has created a garden that is a tribute to his effort and love of horticulture. It features an astounding assortment of fruits from diverse species.

The tale of Kundan Singh Panwar and his Narayani Udyan is one of tenacity, ardor, and an unwavering will to establish a fruit sanctuary in the middle of the Himalayas. Transformation from laboring the ground to designing a thriving garden is proof of what hard work, inspiration, and teamwork can accomplish. The results of his labor beautify his garden and serve as evidence of the power of horticulture to change livelihoods and environments. The definition of horticultural brilliance is being redefined by Kundan Singh Panwar with every apple, strawberry, or nut that he grows in his garden.

A Profusion of Innovations and Fruits

Narayani Udyan, which covers over 2.5 hectares of land, is more than just a garden; it is a manifestation of painstaking labor. The cultivation of plants that are suited to both temperate and temperate regions distinguishes this sanctuary. Garden is a treasure mine of varied food, ranging from the desired Israeli species of apple to the luscious strawberry, native mango, pear, apricot, almond, amla, walnut, and a rainbow of other fruits.

The Mastermind Ahead of the Garden

The story of farmer Kundan Singh Panwar is proof of the ability to succeed through hard work and the development of horticulture into a respectable industry. With a sharp eye and unwavering determination, has not only planted a range of fruits but also spearheaded the development of the Israeli apple variety, which has become extremely well-liked in the marketplace.

Revealing Innovation in Horticulture

Garden is a miracle created by teamwork and inspiration. Inspired by the tenets of the Horticultural University in Nauni, Solan, Himachal Pradesh, he took the risk of bringing in a variety of plant species to enhance his landscape. His output reached new heights thanks to his partnership with the Kavi Grower Association and the backing of Horticulture Minister Govind Singh Kunjwal. Exotic fruits like Kiwi, Strawberry, and more have made their way to the market thanks to their combined efforts, demonstrating the richness and potential of  Narayani Udyan.

A Center for Inspiration and Knowledge

Beyond the boundaries of his garden, efforts have a significant impact. Individuals travel from different states and districts to Narayani Udyan in order to gain insight into the wide variety of fruits that are grown there. Source of inspiration because he shows how profitable and productive horticulture can be when it is grown with love and dedication.

Moving Forward with Sustainability

In addition to bearing the rewards of his labor, unrelenting dedication allows him to imagine a future in which horticulture and gardening will be crucial in stopping mountain migration. His story is a ray of hope, showing that the purity of the mountains and the attraction of cities may be controlled via efforts such as his.