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Google has launched an earthquake alarm system For Android users in India

India now has access to Google’s Android Earthquake Alerts System, which notifies citizens in real time when there is earthquake activity. The technology promises to improve disaster preparedness and protect lives and property from earthquakes by using the accelerometers in Android handsets to identify early tremors and send out quick notifications.

The incredibly helpful Google earthquake alarm system is expanding to India. The function, which was declared in 2020, is now available in India. Google said in a blog post that the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and the National Centre for Seismology (NCS), Ministry of Earth Sciences, together with them, have established the Android Earthquake Alerts System. Early warnings can be crucial in protecting people and property during earthquakes, a regular natural catastrophe.The accelerometers, which are internal sensors in Android handsets, are used by the Android Earthquake Alerts System. The ability of the accelerometers to serve as tiny seismometers is mentioned in the blog article.

This is how it will operate.

According to Google, an Android phone that is plugged in and charging transmits data to a central server when it notices the first vibrations of an earthquake. The server can determine an earthquake’s properties, including its epicenter and magnitude, if numerous phones in the same location experience comparable shaking. It then quickly sends notifications to Android smartphones nearby. Users frequently receive these signals several seconds before the more intense shaking since they travel via the internet at the speed of light.

The notifications are user-friendly and accessible to a wide variety of users because to the availability of several Indian languages that Android supports.

Which Android devices work with each other?

The functionality will be available to Android users next week who have handsets running Android 5 or later. The Android Earthquake Alerts and location settings must be enabled, and users must have access to Wi-Fi or cellular data. There is a feature in the device’s settings that allows users to disable earthquake warnings if they do not want to receive them.

Additionally, when users type in phrases like “Earthquake near me,” they will get pertinent information to keep them safe.The goal of Google’s collaboration with the NDMA is to support government initiatives to deliver timely earthquake notifications and safety information. In the past, Google and the NDMA worked together to provide people with safety information about natural catastrophes like floods and cyclones using Google Search and Maps. With the launch of the Android Earthquake Alerts System, Google has demonstrated its dedication to improving India’s preparedness and response for disasters.

With the help of this new program, Android users in India will have access to early earthquake alerts, enabling them to take prompt action and safeguard their own and their loved ones’ safety in the case of seismic activity.