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For Halloween, Chupa Chups unleashes AI magic and augmented reality

Using a combination of augmented reality and artificial intelligence, the Chupa Chups Halloween Hacks 2023 campaign offers users personalized, entertaining, and terrifying experiences through gamified interactions.

The popular Spanish candy brand Chupa Chups, which is proudly owned by Perfetti Van Melle, has entirely revamped the Halloween experience with the exciting launch of the Chupa Chups Halloween Hacks 2.0 platform, The portal was designed and created by Wavemaker India.

This campaign is particularly engaging because it skillfully combines the latest advancements in augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and personalized style customisation to take people into a magical and spine-tingling world without leaving the comforts of their homes.

The Chupa Chups Halloween Hacks 2.0 app functions as a phantom, inviting players to enter a fully realized Halloween world where augmented reality’s spatial magic creates a terrifying environment inside one’s home. Furthermore, this captivating platform allows users to play around with their avatars, dressing them in the newest fashion and haircuts from Generation Z, making them the life of the virtual Halloween party.

The AI-driven Look Generator, a virtual creative cauldron that allows users to conjure Halloween-inspired ensembles based on three selected pieces and subtly incorporates gamification into the experience, is a standout part of this incredible campaign.

In an effort to increase the Halloween campaign’s visibility, Chupa Chups has teamed up with a group of well-known figures from the gaming, fashion, and lifestyle industries. Under the captivating hashtag #ChupaChupsHalloweenHacks, celebrities such as Avneet Kaur, Tanmay Singh, Anmol Raina, Mili kya Mili (Saloni Kandalgaonkar), and the dynamic duo of Funcho (Shyam Sharma and Dhruv Shah) have taken to social media to share their firsthand experiences with the alluring Chupa Chups Halloween Hacks 2.0 platform.

The actress, dancer, and model Avneet Kaur, who possesses numerous talents, comforts her Instagram followers by saying, “Halloween is here, and if you’re uncertain about your Halloween look, fret not—Chupa Chups has you covered.”

Similarly, Tanmay Singh, also known as scout, is a well-known Indian gaming YouTuber and esports enthusiast who ups the ante on Instagram by declaring, “Halloween just got spookier with Chupa Chups Halloween Hacks.”

The dynamic duo of Shyam Sharma and Dhruv Shah, collectively known as Funcho, joins in on the Halloween revelry and adds their own touch to Chupa Chups Halloween Hacks 2.0 with a captivating short sketch.

The charming Saloni Kandalgaonkar, better known on YouTube as Mili kya Mili and a well-known influencer in the gaming community, praises the engaging platform in an Instagram post that declares, “Halloween is almost here! My ideal choice is the Cat Woman appearance, and Chupa Chups Halloween Hacks is well-aware of this.”

With this enchanted ensemble complete, Anmol Raina exclaims, “Halloween season is upon us… Enter the realm of Chupa Chups’ Halloween Hacks now.”

Through the website, Chupa Chups invites viewers to enter the enthralling world of Chupa Chups Halloween Hacks 2.0 and experience an eerie, seductive invitation.