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England vs New Zealand, 3rd ODI: Live Score and Updates from London

That concludes another lopsided game in this series as England now leads 2-1. The Kiwis want to finish on equal footing, but they will try to secure it with one more victory. The fourth and final ODI will take place at Lord’s on Friday, September 15, at 5 p.m. IST (11.30 a.m. GMT), however as you are aware, you are welcome to join us earlier for all the build-up to that game. Cheers and good bye for now!

00:42 IST:
The captain of the winning England team, Jos Buttler, expressed his satisfaction with the performance. Adds that he spoke about applying pressure to the opposition at the toss, and they were put to the test when they lost two wickets quickly, but gives credit to Stokes and Malan for forming that incredible combination. He remarks that Malan’s performance was outstanding and that Stokes’ 182 was truly exceptional. He then commends Topley and Chris Woakes for their new ball spells. claims that they utilized lateral movement and struck the proper lengths to put the Kiwis in the game’s negative score. Ends by stating that reaching that kind of total without playing the full number of overs was incredibly special for them and that the most crucial thing was to remain aggressive.

00:37 IST:

According to Tom Latham, the captain of New Zealand, Stokes and Malan batted well and had a solid combination, but they effectively dragged them back toward the end. He continues by saying that their failure to form a partnership was the cause of their defeat. He is proud of his bowlers for effectively utilising the surface to dismiss the Englishmen. He doesn’t point the finger at the bowlers and says that the conditions were favorable for swing. Glenn Phillips played well, he continues, but they were outplayed in this match.

00:36 IST:

Ben Stokes’ magnificent hundred earned him PLAYER OF THE MATCH honors. To play well for the squad, according to him, is a wonderful feeling. He playfully expresses regret to Jason Roy for shattering his record while praising the bowlers’ performance. He continues by saying that the team’s support of the young members is crucial and has been beneficial for them. He said the idea was to keep the opposition under strain. Dawid Malan is a reliable player, and he claims that rotation of strikes helped them forge their partnership. He continues by saying that because online Test matches don’t have breaks in this format, he is a little exhausted after his lengthy innings.

00:46 IST:

After being obliged to bat first in the game, England put up a massive total on the board thanks to Ben Stokes’ swashbuckling 182, which is currently the greatest individual score for England in ODIs. Dawid Malan also performed admirably for his 96 while narrowly missing out on a century. For the Kiwis, Trent Boult also recorded a great five-wicket haul, Benjamin Lister claimed three victims, and Glenn Phillips and Lockie Ferguson both claimed one. Only Phillips was the lone hero for New Zealand during their dismal batting effort during the chase, and they suffered a crushing loss.

00:45 IST:

On the other side, England will be thrilled with their bowling performance. Chris Woakes set the tone for them by making the ball talk and decimating the top three of the visitors. Jos Buttler offered him an eight-over first spell because of how good he was bowling, and he did not dissapoint. Reece Topley, who finished up with two important wickets as well, provided strong support for him. The crucial dismissal of the in-form Daryl Mitchell by Sam Curran put the home team well in control of this match. Liam Livingstone dismissed Glenn Phillips, who had been proving to be difficult to dismiss, then split four wickets with Moeen Ali before the latter wrapped up the game.

00:26 IST:

The top order of New Zealand struggled mightily to respond to Chris Woakes’ superb swing bowling, which gave them a very precarious start. They were reduced to 70/5 after losing three wickets early in the Powerplay, which put them far behind in the chase. Rachin Ravindra and Glenn Phillips put up a valiant 46-run stand, but the former left after a well-made 28. Phillips continued to score a brave fifty, but he received little assistance from the other end, and the final total proved to be too much for the Kiwis. The fact that they avoided suffering their largest setback in this format is the only thing going for them.

00:24 IST:

A convincing win for England! They win by a huge margin of 181 runs to take a 2-1 series lead. They put on another outstanding performance overall, whether it was Ben Stokes’ big-daddy hundred or Chris Woakes’ outstanding period at the top. They performed better than the Kiwis in every way, and the fact that New Zealand managed to score five more runs than Stokes tells it all. The visitors still have a chance to tie the series, but they will need to play considerably better in game two.

Score 187/10


7b 0*4 0*6 Benjamin Lister


Livingstone, Liam 5-0-16-3

00:39 IST:

38.6: Benjamin Lister to Liam Livingstone: OUT! STUMPED! Jos Buttler displayed excellent batting behind the stumps. Liam Livingstone strikes this strike and moves away from the off. Despite trying to play it aggressively, Benjamin Lister is defeated by the turn. When Benjamin Lister’s foot was in the air, Jos Buttler grabbed the ball and removed the bails to dismiss New Zealand. A convincing win for the hosts.

00:18 IST:

38.5: Lockie Ferguson to Liam Livingstone, Safe in the air. Liam Livingstone outsides off and bowls it short. Lockie Ferguson lofts it high and beyond his line of sight. Each batter takes a swing.

00:18 IST:

Liam Livingstone, shorter and on the leg, to Lockie Ferguson at 38.4. The bowler receives a punch back from Lockie Ferguson.

00:18 IST:

38.3: Fullish on leg, Liam Livingstone to Lockie Ferguson. As Lockie Ferguson descends, he moves it to Liam Livingstone’s left.

00:18 IST:

Liam Livingstone writes to Lockie Ferguson in verse 38. Back to full and moving on. Backing up, Lockie Ferguson strikes it to cover.

00:17 IST:

38.1: Full and on middle to Lockie Ferguson from Liam Livingstone. Lockie Ferguson returns it to the bowler with a drive.

Score 186/9


6b 0*4 0*6 Benjamin Lister


Topley, Reece 9-0-31-2

00:16 IST:

Reece Topley to Benjamin Lister at 37.6 Safe in the air. Reece Topley throws this outside and short. As the hitters advance two, Benjamin Lister cuts it over midoff and it settles safely.

00:16 IST:

Reece Topley to Benjamin Lister at 37.5 across leg, on length. For another dot ball, Benjamin Lister edges the ball onto his pads.

00:15 IST:

Reece Topley to Benjamin Lister at 37.4: full and middle-straight. To midoff, Benjamin Lister drives the ball.

00:15 IST:

37.3: Lockie Ferguson to Reece Topley, packed to the gills. The ball deflects off the pads and rolls to fine leg as the batters take one.

00:14 IST:

Reece Topley to Benjamin Lister, short and over off, in the third verse. It is guided to the third man for one by Benjamin Lister.

00:14 IST:

Reece Topley to Benjamin Lister, full and on the leg, in frame 37.1. Back to the bowling, Benjamin Lister drives the ball.