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Double lane road will reach Neeti Valleys, the last settlement of China border

Dehradun (news trust of india) : A dual road is intended to extend to Neeti, the ultimate settlement on the China border, permitting the unimpeded passage of military vehicles. Neeti, the last hamlet adjacent to China in Chamoli district, is on the edge of being linked with a dual road within this calendar year. Presently, the road expansion program is reaching its completion. Excavation and surfacing operations are continuing in chosen areas stretching from Malari to Neeti village, covering a distance of 17.35 kilometers. The development, spearheaded by the Oasis firm under the umbrella of the Border Roads Organization (BRO), is asserting a commitment to completing the dual carriageway by October of this annum. The redevelopment of this road into a dual carriageway intends to simplify the transportation of not only the local residents but also the convoys of the military forces and ITBP along the border.

The project to broaden the 17.35-kilometer roadway from Malari to Niti village begun in 2021 under the sponsorship of the Oasis Company. Despite contending with severe topographical conditions, the expansion initiative has successfully crossed the rocky terrain from Gamshali to Neeti hamlet. Presently, expanding activities are concentrated in the neighborhood of the Hanuman temple in Kailashpur village, necessitating earthmoving efforts for around 80 meters. SP Singh, the Manager at Oasis Company, highlighted that the asphalt overlay has been done over roughly 15 kilometers of the route. The outstanding two and a half kilometers of the project are scheduled to attain completion in the immediate future. The villages of Kailashpur, Farkiya, Bampa, Gamshali, and Neeti in the border region are linked by this highway. The projected finish of the dual carriageway is earmarked for October of the current year.

This infrastructure upgrade will also permit unhindered pilgrimage to Barfani Baba. The upgrading of the road to Neeti hamlet into a dual roadway is set to lessen the transit issues faced by devotees en route to the hallowed Timmarsain cave, where Barfani Baba is adored. SP Singh, the Manager at Oasis Company, iterated that the New Year witnessed a spike of pilgrims eager to pay tribute to Timmersain Mahadev. In response to the increased footfall, the dual carriageway building was momentarily suspended for a stretch of two days.