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Chalet Hotels Reveals Designs for a ₹300 Crore Sanctuary at Terminal 3 of IGI Airport in New Delhi

New Delhi: Chalet Hotels is about to undertake an incredible project that will see it build a ₹300 Crore luxury hotel at Terminal 3 of New Delhi’s IGI Airport—a ground-breaking partnership that redefines extravagance. Together with Delhi International Airport, Chalet Hotels are launching this massive project that promises to be a masterpiece of hospitality that goes above and beyond expectations.

A Sneak Peek at Extravagance

Revealing the Magnificence
The upcoming luxury hotel, which occupies a vast 3,000,000 square feet, is set to become a symbol of exceptional architectural design and unmatched elegance. With its amazing design that combines comfort and contemporary style, the hotel will be a shining example of luxury in the middle of the busy IGI Airport.

A Grand Residence with 390 Rooms
This premium business is scheduled to open by the end of FY26. It will include 390 rooms, all of which have been painstakingly designed to offer an immersive experience in luxury and elegance. The accommodations, which span from executive suites to deluxe suites, are tailored to satisfy the varied tastes of discriminating tourists.

Chalet Hotels and IHCL Taj Brand and Loyalty Integration: A Mutually Beneficial Partnership
This innovative project represents a synergistic collaboration between Chalet Hotels and the prestigious Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) in addition to being a monument to architectural brilliance. As a result of this partnership, the hotel’s interior design will smoothly include both the recognizable Taj brand and IHCL’s reward program. This strategic partnership guarantees that guests will enjoy the height of luxury in addition to the warmth and friendliness that are emblematic of the Taj heritage.

The Operational Mastery of Chalet
Chalet Hotels will be essential to the daily operations of the hotel, even as IHCL provides its brand equity and loyalty program. This cooperative strategy guarantees a seamless fusion of Chalet’s operational expertise and the unmatched service standards of the Taj brand, ensuring an experience that exceeds expectations.

Unmatched Elegance at the IGI Airport in Delhi’s Strategic Location
The smart selection of Terminal 3 at the IGI Airport in New Delhi for this enormous project shows the partners’ vision as well as their dedication to giving passengers a safe sanctuary amid the hectic dynamics of air travel. For visitors looking for a smooth transition between travel and luxury, the location’s convenient accessibility for both local and foreign tourists raises the convenience factor.

Customized Experiences
Beyond its sheer size and extravagance, the upcoming luxury hotel seeks to provide its guests with unique experiences. Every aspect of the hotel, from cutting-edge meeting spaces for business travelers to revitalizing spa treatments for leisure seekers, is planned to meet the varied demands of its affluent clientele.

The Path Ahead
The excitement for this remarkable endeavor grows as it takes shape. At New Delhi’s IGI Airport Terminal 3, the partnership between Chalet Hotels and IHCL is more than simply a hotel—it’s a monument to the perfect fusion of elegance, practicality, and first-rate hospitality. A new era in hospitality is about to begin by the end of FY26, where every visit is an immersive experience of unmatched luxury.