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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s G20 Summit Scandal: Stuck in India

Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, was unexpectedly delayed in India after a mechanical issue grounded his aircraft. The incident occurred while he was in New Delhi for the G20 summit, and it resulted in an additional day’s stay for the entire Canadian group.

The New Delhi G20 Summit

On a Friday, Trudeau flew into India, ready to take part in the meeting of the heads of 20 significant economies. But what was supposed to be a quick stop became an unanticipated wait.

A mechanical malfunction and a wreath-laying ceremony

Trudeau was scheduled to participate in a solemn wreath-laying ceremony at a monument honoring Mahatma Gandhi, a celebrated Indian independence fighter. He intended to fly back to Canada on Sunday after this significant event.

Sadly, destiny had other ideas. He was unable to leave on time since his aircraft was grounded due to a mechanical issue. The Canadian delegation was filled with conjecture and worry as a result of this unforeseen delay.

Technical Issues with the Air Force of Canada Plane

According to a statement from Trudeau’s office, the Canadian air force, which is in charge of flying the prime minister’s jet, had reported “technical difficulties.” The Canadian High Commission in New Delhi cited this statement in its response. They acknowledged that these problems would take time to solve.

Adding Days to the Stay in India

The statement from Trudeau’s office indicated that the Canadian team will stay in India until different travel arrangements could be arranged due to the aircraft’s persistent mechanical issues. The prime minister and his crew were further frustrated and inconvenienced by the ambiguity surrounding when the aircraft would resume normal operations.

problematic aviation history

The questioned aircraft, which CTV in Canada identified as an Airbus, has a history of issues. It seems that there have been previous delays and disturbances as well.

Trudeau’s Unobtrusive Participation in the G20 Summit

Compared to some of his G7 counterparts, Trudeau kept a relatively low profile while attending the G20 summit. In the midst of simmering hostilities between the Canadian and Indian governments, he attended the meeting. The main source of contention was Ottawa’s strategy for dealing with right-wing Sikh separatist activities.

Conflicts Related to Sikh Separatism

The hardline Sikh nationalists, who call for the establishment of a separate Sikh homeland in northern India, have been the subject of accusations from the Indian government that Canada is doing little to stop their activities. Trudeau’s trip to India has been overshadowed by this divisive topic.

Not the Only Aircraft Problems

The situation where Trudeau was left stranded by an aircraft problem is not unusual. Several world leaders have encountered comparable difficulties in recent months. German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock had to postpone a trip to Oceania in August due to a mechanical issue with her official aircraft.

Chris Hipkins, the prime minister of New Zealand, encountered reliability concerns with a defense force plane in June while en route to China. A backup plane was sent because the situation was thought to be so unstable. Even past New Zealand prime ministers Sir John Key and Dame Jacinda Ardern had travel delays due to RNZAF Boeing 757 and Hercules aircraft problems while they were traveling abroad.