Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Before launch, press renders for the Samsung Galaxy Buds have surfaced

Samsung is getting ready to unveil a number of new “Fan Edition” goods. They are also developing a product named Samsung Galaxy Buds FE in addition to the Galaxy S23 FE. And now, according to winfuture.de, Samsung accidently leaked the first images of these more cheap earbuds.

On various Samsung websites, the user manuals for the Galaxy Buds FE are already available. These PDFs give you comprehensive instructions on how to use the headphones as well as an early peek at how they seem.

The Galaxy Buds FE manual’s images make it clear that these headphones have a different design from earlier versions. Samsung chose a multi-part enclosure with a touch-sensitive control area in the middle.

Additionally, just like they did with their earlier in-ear wireless headphones, Samsung plans to supply rubber covers with these earbuds. These covers are designed to improve grip, particularly for different ear shapes. Even “fins” are included on the version for wider ears to provide a tighter fit.

The price of the Galaxy Buds FE as well as the colors that are offered are currently unknown. We might anticipate that these earphones fall into the price-conscious category because Samsung normally utilizes the “FE” branding for goods that provide many high-end features at a lower cost.

While the release date hasn’t been confirmed, leaks indicate that it might happen shortly.