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Attack on Iranian shrine results in at least one fatality and numerous injuries

An attack on a Shi’ite Muslim shrine in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz resulted in at least one fatality on Sunday, a local official said state television.

At least four persons were confirmed dead in the incident by Iranian official media earlier.

Around 19:00 local time (15:30 GMT), it occurred. A terrorist with a gun entered the Shrine area and began firing. He was taken into custody, according to Fars province governor Mohammad Hadi Imaniyeh.

“The attack claimed the life of one person.”

Two shrine employees and two pilgrims were among the at least seven injured, and nearby businesses had already closed. According to State TV, security personnel had roped off the shrine area, according to Reuters.

The attack on the Shah Cheragh shrine, which state news agency IRNA stated was carried out by terrorists, elicited no instant claims of responsibility from any group. In October of last year, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for an attack on the site in which 15 people perished.

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s shrine and the Iranian parliament were the targets of deadly twin explosions in 2017, which the Islamic State has previously claimed responsibility for.

Videos from Iranian official media depicted terrified worshipers frantically searching for their family as well as bloody clothing left behind after the incident.