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At the Wayanad Hospital, Rahul Gandhi dedicates a new power facility

“Whenever I visit Wayanad, I feel quite delighted. Whatever their political affiliation, I have relationships with everyone here. Despite our ideological differences with the Left, the entire Wayanad region stood by me when I was disqualified. Gandhi stated in Mananthavady, Wayanad, on Sunday, “I consider the entire Wayanad to be a part of my family.

After opening the Dr. Ambedkar Memorial District Cancer Centre at the Government Tribal Hospital in Nalloornadu, he gave a speech. Gandhi provided the project with 50 lakh from his MPLAD (Member of Parliament Local Area Development) budget.

“I was informed that the hospital used to experience regular power outages, which inconvenienced both the patients and the medical staff. At the hospital that specializes in serving underserved groups like tribal people, he remarked, “I hope that this new energy connection will solve those concerns.

Gandhi made subtle jabs at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-Rashtriya Swayasevak Sangh (RSS) ideology and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led administration at the Centre during the event about the use of the term “vanvasi” and tribal welfare. He claimed to have recently discussed the conflicting philosophies in our nation with the tribal community in Rajasthan.

There is a name called “Adivasi,” which refers to the indigenous landowners, Gandhi stated. The term “Adivasi” refers to a particular kind of knowledge, comprehension, and connection to the environment and the world. The phrase acknowledges and honors the reality that this area was formerly inhabited by our tribe brothers and sisters. That also implies that the land, the forest, and the freedom to imagine anything they like should belong to the original proprietors. Your children should be able to pursue careers in engineering, medicine, computer science, and business management like the original owners. But you should also be granted access to forest products and land. You shouldn’t be limited or put into a category. Every opportunity should be available. Here is one concept.

‘Vanvasi’ is a phrase that is used in another concept. The opposing side says “Vanvasi,” and we say “Adivasi.” The phrase “Vanvasi” has a perverse logic behind it. The phrase contests your claim to have colonized India first. You are also limited to the jungle. ‘Vanvasi’ is based on the tenet that you should never leave the jungle because it is your home. And we just do not accept this, so we reject this word. This word is an attack on your ties with this country and a misrepresentation of your history and traditions. You are a ‘Adivasis’ to us, and we can learn from you, he said.

The leader of the Congress emphasized that although the term “environment” and concepts related to its conservation are popular now, “Adivasis” have been discussing the same issues for three to five thousand years.

“We can learn from your history, customs, and way of lifeā€”not just about the environment, but also about how to get along with one another and respect one another. Of course, your kids should have access to the best medical facilities, schools, and employment opportunities. We’re always available to assist you, he said.

At a public assembly in Kalpetta, the top leaders of the Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) gave Gandhi a hearty welcome after he arrived in Wayanad on Saturday evening. Additionally, he gave beneficiaries the keys to nine homes constructed as part of the “Kaithangu” initiative. This was his first trip back to the district following the Supreme Court’s stay of his defamation conviction, which led the Lok Sabha Secretariat to reinstate his membership.