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Apple will have its biggest launch iPhone 15 Event Preview

Tuesday at its headquarters in Cupertino, California, Apple will have its biggest launch event of the year, where it is anticipated to introduce new hardware, including the iPhone 15.

The goods will be introduced by Apple in a taped film that will be broadcast on YouTube and the company’s website. The event from last year lasted around an hour and a half. Since 2020, Apple has utilized produced videos to highlight its products.

Launches by Apple are significant for the corporation because they generate excitement for the goods and prepare the ground for a marketing blitz leading up to the December quarter, which is its biggest sales quarter of the year. Apple’s YouTube debut video from last year has received 31 million views, showing that customers still prefer to acquire information straight from the business.

The tech giant is expecting that this year’s new iPhones will break a sales downturn, stave off fresh competition from Huawei, and convince users of Android phones to convert to iPhones.

In June, Apple also unveiled the Vision Pro, a new VR headset that will go on sale in 2024. The business could give an update on its efforts to entice coders, but further information about that product won’t probably be made public until the following year.

Given that Apple often gives its Macs and iPads their own events, new versions of those products are unlikely to be announced on Tuesday. Apple released a press statement announcing new iPads last year.

The slogan on this year’s launch invites is “Wonderlust,” but the taglines don’t always hint to what the business is going to announce. Live coverage of the event will be provided by CNBC from Apple’s headquarters, as well as a live blog on

At its September presentation, Apple introduced new iPhones, Apple Watches, and upgraded AirPods. What to anticipate from the 2019 edition is as follows:

Titanium and USB-C on the iPhone 15
Four new iPhone models are anticipated from Apple, following a cycle that began in 2020. The versions for this year will all carry the iPhone 15 brand if Apple sticks to its naming convention.

According to reports from Bloomberg News, TF International Securities hardware analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, and Wall Street analysts, Apple is likely to release two sizes of middle-range iPhones, one with a 6.1-inch screen and one with a 6.7-inch screen, as well as two sizes of higher end “Pro” phones with titanium casing and better cameras.

The largest change this year is anticipated to be the introduction of a USB-C charging port, which will replace Apple’s exclusive Lightning port, which was launched in 2012 as the iPhone charger “for the next decade.”

iPhones have a USB-C charging port, which is also found on Android phones, newer laptops, iPads, wireless headphones, and other devices.

A universal charging connector is required by new European laws, which are what is driving the move. Apple will undoubtedly highlight the benefits for users, such as convenience and faster charging, rather than mentioning that the change was mandated by a new legislation. Additionally, it can give the port a special Apple marketing moniker.

The stainless steel utilized in the previous models might be replaced with a titanium casing in the new Pro models. Since titanium is lighter than steel, the weight of the phones is decreased. The Apple logo appears on event invites with what appears to be a titanium finish.

The company may enhance what it refers to as the “dynamic island,” or a cutout, which holds the phone’s facial recognition cameras toward the top of the screen, for lower-end phones, which are anticipated to be branded simply iPhone 15. The undulating window, which may display real-time updates like how far away an Uber is or what’s playing on the music app, replaced Apple’s “notch” on last year’s Pro models. The mute switch, which has been a feature of iPhones for more than a decade, might get new uses as an adaptable “action button.”

Apple will probably emphasize the upgraded camera and chip as further justifications. According to Bloomberg, the largest and most costly iPhone model, the larger Pro, may feature a new lens with a 2x stronger magnification than the 3x zoom lens on the iPhone 14 Pro.

Whether Apple will increase prices is one of the unanswered questions. Because of escalating prices for components like processors and memory, several analysts believe this. Under comparable circumstances, Apple did not increase the price of the U.S. iPhone last year. After product introductions and in reaction to currency fluctuations, it does periodically adjust its prices globally.