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15 commercial units, houses gutted in fire at Govandi chawl in Mumbai, none hurt

Mumbai (News Trust of India) : In the early hours of Saturday, a blaze raged through a residential structure in Mumbai’s Govandi district, leaving roughly 15 commercial premises and numerous houses in ruins. Miraculously, there were no reported injuries in the event, as confirmed by an official spokesperson.

The fire department went into action following receiving a distress call at 3:55 am, immediately assembling their resources to tackle the inferno.

According to the fire brigade official, the inferno largely destroyed 15 business units positioned on the ground floor, alongside dwellings on the first floor within a chawl located at Bainganwadi in the Adarsh Nagar region of Govandi.

The intensity of the fire was rated as level one (small), nevertheless it devoured numerous materials like electrical wirings, plastic sheets, household products, wooden fixtures, and furniture, demanding a five-hour-long battle to quell the flames.

The firefighting efforts entailed the deployment of four fire engines and an equivalent number of jumbo tankers, highlighting the scale of the operation.

Fortunately, there were no injuries recorded, while investigations are underway to discover the actual origin of the blaze, as stated by the official.