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Who is using the SIM card in your name? Find out from the government website

News Trust of India: Unveiled to all, the indispensability of a SIM card resonates globally. It acts as the lifeblood for smartphones and feature phones alike. Amidst the digital landscape, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has unfurled new regulations pertaining to SIM cards. Post the act of switching, a SIM cannot be moved to another carrier for a period of seven days, effective July 1 of this calendar year. Yet, amidst these transitions, do you hold awareness of the variety of SIM cards connected to your identity?

The ramifications of negligence extend far beyond mere inconvenience. Malevolent entities may abscond with a SIM card under your name, exploiting it as a tool for internet frauds or fraudulent actions. Worse still, these cards could be exploited in undertakings that harm national security, imperiling you unintentionally.

In light of these concerns, we provide a bespoke approach to reveal the shadowy worlds of SIM card ownership related to your name or Aadhaar card. How many SIM cards lay claim to your identity? Verify whether scammers or unauthorized individuals operate under your mantle. Accessing this information is made simple using the Sanchar Saathi portal ( Navigate to the domain and access Citizen Centric Services. Therein lays the gateway to finding the truth about your mobile connections.

Initiate the procedure by inputting your 10-digit cellphone number and proceed to submit. Await the arrival of an OTP on your registered device, unlocking a glimpse into your mobile connection data. Herein lies the reveal of SIM cards associated with your identification.

Should you discover any dormant or unknown numbers connected to your identification, immediate action is important. Report such anomalies promptly to disable illegal connections, maintaining your digital integrity.