Thursday, July 25, 2024


Ticket 9 emerges as a trailblazing force in the field of event management, where accuracy and seamless execution are crucial. With its cutting-edge automation solutions, Ticket 9 is revolutionizing the industry. Ticket 9 is a B2B event technology firm that was founded by the dynamic combination Yazhini Shanumgam and Santhos Premraj. It not only streamlines event management but also improves attendee engagement and sparks revenue growth.

The Odyssey of Event Management
Inviting guests, managing registrations, and onboarding partners are just a few of the many facets of event management. In this complex dance, Coimbatore-based B2B startup Ticket 9 emerges as a change agent, utilizing cutting-edge technology to transform the manual procedures essential to event planning.

According to Santhos Premraj, co-founder and product architect of Ticket 9, “Ticket 9 is built on the foundation that every aspirant event creator, ticket seller, or attendee engager around the world deserves a powerful and user-friendly tool.” Yazhini Shanumgam and Premraj founded Ticket 9 in 2022 with the goal of creating SaaS products that enable people to easily organize, advertise, and monetize events of all sizes.

An Orchestra of Features
The array of services provided by Ticket 9 is a true homage to the ease of event administration. The capability to rigorously track ticket sales and arrange email notifications is one of the notable features. The platform’s user-friendly layout not only appeals to seasoned event planners, but also to newbies exploring event orchestration. The co-founder and CEO of Ticket 9, Yazhini Shanumgam, highlights that “We envisioned a platform that combines ease of use for beginners with the flexibility demanded by larger events.”

The check-in procedure is a persistent problem for event planners, especially when managing sizable audiences. With its powerful check-in validation method based on QR codes, Ticket 9 emerges as a game-changer in this situation. At access points, attendees can easily present their QR codes, whether they are printed out or are stored on their mobile devices. This novel method ensures prompt and precise validation, ensuring a smooth and effective check-in procedure.

As part of its practical business strategy, The Financial Movement Ticket 9 levies a nominal transaction fee of 5% on each ticket purchased through its network. An business concept that the founders first funded with Rs 18 lakh (about $22,000) has quickly become a reality. The business impressively generated $23,000 in revenue during the 2023 fiscal year.

Ticket 9 has managed to carve out a distinctive position in the crowded B2B event management market despite competitors like Bookmyshow and Paytm Insider. This is due to its unwavering dedication to making event orchestration simpler.

The Visionaries in the Background
The co-founders’ individual journeys are entwined with the beginning of Ticket 9. Santhos Premraj, who started a career as an event planner, saw directly how inadequate the technology infrastructure was at significant events like marathons and live concerts. He was driven to develop solutions for the event industry by this gap. The seeds of Ticket 9 were seeded in October 2019 in partnership with his friend Shanmugam, an event enthusiast and team head at a software company.

They started developing an events tech solution in accordance with their goal, using their first savings as fuel. In February 2020, they presented the beta version of their platform, which was especially built for live events. However, the COVID-19 pandemic’s extraordinary entrance necessitated a tactical change. “The pandemic forced us to reimagine our platform, transforming it into one that could seamlessly accommodate virtual and hybrid events, in alignment with the evolving industry trends,” says Premraj.

New Wave of Virtual Engagements
Ticket 9 organized more than 60 virtual activities throughout the epidemic, including virtual sports, gatherings, and business seminars, as it adjusted to the new normal. This change in approach made it possible for the business to formally become Ticket 9 Event Tech Private Limited in 2022. From this crucial point on, Ticket 9 took on the task of supporting more than 270 events in both physical and virtual dimensions.

The Broad Horizon
The worldwide events market was estimated to be worth $887 billion in 2020 and is expected to soar to a mind-boggling $2,194.40 billion by 2028. With events ranging from corporate events and seminars to music concerts, festivals, sporting extravaganzas, exhibitions, and conferences, Ticket 9 has amassed about 0.7% of the market share in this vast arena.

As the startup’s growth trajectory continued, notable individuals including M2P Co-founder Prabhu Rangarajan, bitsCrunch’s Founder and CEO Vijay Pravin Maharajan, and CTO Ashok Vardharajan, as well as other angel investors from the US, Singapore, Australia, and Bangkok, contributed $120,000 to its pre-seed round. Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Bengaluru have already developed significant user bases for Ticket 9.

A Look Into the Future
Ticket 9’s field of vision stretches beyond horizons as the sun sets on today and rises on tomorrow. Strategic alliances are in the works, and negotiations for cooperation with event planners in the UAE regions are now under progress. With intentions to launch its worldwide operations from the UAE and Singapore within the year, the firm has ambitious aspirations that extend over a wider global reach.

Ticket 9 is a shining example of automation-driven transformation in the quick-paced world of event management. This innovative startup’s dedication to streamlining event orchestration resonates throughout the sector, from QR-based check-ins to seamless email scheduling. The path that began with a concept has grown into a reality that appeals to both event planners and guests.

The future of event technology will be forever changed by Ticket 9 in a time when every click and search has the power to alter lives.