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The leader of Trudeau’s party claims that “Hindu-Canadians are afraid” and calls for caution

Chandra Arya, a Canadian MP, denounced the “targeted attack” on the country’s Hindu community and urged Hindu-Canadians to remain calm but vigilant amid rising diplomatic tensions between India and Canada after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused New Delhi of being involved in the death of Khalistani separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in June. He drew attention to the so-called referendum being held by the pro-Khalistan organization Sikh For Justice and said that Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, the group’s president, had requested Hindus to leave Canada.

He added that the vast majority of the Sikh community’s members in the nation oppose the Khalistan movement. “The leader of the Khalistan movement is trying to provoke the Hindu-Canadians to react and divide the Hindu and Sikh communities in Canada,” he stated.

After Trudeau asserted that there was a “potential link” between the shooting of a pro-Khalistan terrorist and Indian government agents, the already simmering tension between India and Canada over the pro-Khalistan movement and suspected intervention in internal affairs grew much more.

Notably, Justin Trudeau’s party, the Liberal Party of Canada, also includes the Indo-Canadian politician Chandra Arya.

The leader added that the recent attacks on Hindu temples and the widespread celebration of the killing of Hindu Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by “terrorists” are intensifying as a result of this “direct attack” on Hindu Canadians by the leader of the Canadian Khalistan movement. “Canada has high moral values, and we fully uphold the rule of law,” he continued.

He also claimed that because they maintain a “low profile,” Hindu Canadians are seen as easy targets. The ‘glorification of terrorism’ and the acceptance of hate crimes under the guise of ‘freedom of expression’ were both denounced by Arya als.

“I don’t understand how the protection of free speech and expression justifies glorifying terrorism or a hate crime against a particular religion. If a white supremacist attacked any group of coloured Canadians and demanded that they leave our country, there would be outcry in Canada. However, it appears that this Khalistani leader can escape punishment for this hate crime, ” he stated.