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The development of Timbersain Mahadev will focus on air safari tourism and astro tourism

Dehradun : Surrounded by Uttarakhand’s most spectacular scenery, the rapidly developing Timbersain Mahadev is poised to become an alluring winter retreat that focuses on combining air safari experiences with astro-tourism.

Investors that have fully engaged in this emerging industry have openly shared their enlightening experiences, illuminating the potential paths in the tourism industry. The Minister of Tourism, Satpal Maharaj, emphasized the enormous potential for investment, which includes everything from the thrilling field of adventure tourism in Uttarakhand to the domains of yoga, wellness, and heli-tourism.

The natural Shivalinga creation at Timbersain Mahadev is an example of nature’s artistic expression; it is reminiscent of the attraction of Amarnath in the Niti Valley of the Chamoli district. Acknowledging its natural attractiveness, the administration is determined to turn it into a winter paradise. When we delved into the conversation at the investor conference’s tourism and civil aviation session, we covered everything from strengthening tourism infrastructure to the critical role that civil aviation plays in the Himalayan regions to the unexplored investment potential in astro-tourism.

Minister Maharaj was upbeat, saying the investment conference will be a significant turning point in the state’s growth. The state administration works tirelessly to promote adventure, medicinal, spiritual, astrological, ecological, and religious tourism.

Shivnagari is emerging, emulating the development models of sacred sites like Kedarnath, Badrinath, Adi Kailash, and Gunji near Om Parvat. In addition, grand plans are underway to transform Corbett’s Sitabani into an all-encompassing Total Animal Kingdom in the near future. Improved connectivity is being offered to pilgrims, as seen by the proposed ropeway that will connect Kedarnath and Hemkund Sahib.

Interestingly, the number of international visitors is increasing steadily, which is enhancing the tourism environment. Sachin Kurve, the secretary of tourism, emphasized the industry’s significant contribution, which accounts for 15% of the state’s GDP and a respectable 6% nationally. Currently a major international tourism destination, Uttarakhand consistently sees an increase in the number of domestic and foreign tourists visiting each year.

Ias Sachin Kurve, the secretary for tourism, added that Uttarakhand has been recognized as the state that offers the greatest protection for unaccompanied women visitors. To stimulate investments in the thriving tourist and hospitality industry, a progressive tourism strategy has been implemented. The creator of Star Scape, Ramashish Ray, shared his extensive knowledge of astrotourism while providing a window into the heavenly marvels that enthrall tourists in Kausani, Bageshwar district.

Regional Director of the Indian Hotel Company Limited Kanika Hasrat emphasized the state’s enormous potential while reiterating Uttarakhand’s status as the perfect location for astrotourism. Lockheed Martin’s Parth P Rai explained how civil aviation is essential to advancing tourism to unprecedented levels.

Manish Saini, the CEO of Rajas Aero Sports and Adventure Limited, revealed plans to provide helicopter safaris in Uttarakhand as part of his future undertakings. Uttarakhand’s hidden beauty was revealed in 2013–14 when the state saw the emergence of India’s first aerial journey thanks to the ground-breaking Air Safari program in Rishikesh. The state is about to launch Gyrocopter services, which would be the first of its kind in South Asia and India. This will be yet another feather added to its cap. Redefining aerial activities, Rajas Aero Sports operates the Himalayan Darshan helicopter service from George Everest in Mussoorie.