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“Stock market will crash if I don’t win 2024 election”: Donald Trump predicts economic downturn 

Donald Trump feels that the US economy is in a horrible situation, save for the stock market, which he attributes to his advantage against Biden in the polls.

Former President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that there could be a stock market catastrophe if he does not win the presidential election later this year in November. Speaking at a Fox News town hall in Iowa, Trump indicated that he feels the economy is in a horrible situation, except for the stock market, which he blames to his lead over Biden in the polls.

When questioned about his prior remarks expressing a desire for any economic crisis to occur in the next 12 months, Trump stressed that he is not hoping for a crash but voiced concern about the economy being “fragile.”

“I think there will be a crash if I don’t win,” Trump warned, emphasizing his wish not to mirror the presidency of Herbert Hoover, who took office during a healthy economy but subsequently witnessed the Great Depression.

In an interview with former Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs, Trump labeled the economy as “fragile” and expressed his wish that, if a crash were to happen, it would come in the next 12 months.

The Biden campaign and other Democrats jumped on Trump’s statements, arguing that they revealed his lack of compassion for everyday American workers and suggested his emphasis was exclusively on political consequences. The Biden campaign instantly emailed supporters with the subject line, “Donald Trump Already is Herbert Hoover.”

While the economy has been a strong point for Trump with supporters, Biden aides contend that the president’s economic plan is effective, citing a reduction in inflation, healthy employment numbers, and ongoing growth that has exceeded projections.

The US stock market notably achieved historic highs in mid-December. Trump, who is the front-runner for the GOP candidacy in 2024, is a major figure in conversations regarding the nation’s economic direction.

Apart from attacks on Joe Biden, Trump has also initiated attacks on his opponents within the Republican Party in recent days, who will battle against him in the primary. One of the casualties was American entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, who has been a prominent admirer of former US President.

In a statement on his social media platform Truth Social, Donald Trump alleged that Vivek Ramaswamy is concealing his support in the guise of dishonest campaign methods. He stated that a vote for Ramaswamy would be a support for the other side. He concluded by declaring, “Vivek is not MAGA.”

Showing compassion, Vivek Ramaswamy answered by saying that even though he was saddened by Trump’s statements, he still considers him as the greatest President of the 21st century and will not condemn Trump in return of the attack.

The US primaries will start from January 15, 2024 and will conclude on September 10, 2024. The final elections will begin from November 5, 2024.