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Sharad Purnima Festival Celebrated with Ganga Bath and Lunar Eclipse at Har Ki Paidi

Devotees began swimming in the Ganga on Saturday morning in the Brahma Kund neighborhood of Har Ki Paidi in honor of the Sharad Purnima holiday. The Ganga had been closed since the night of Dussehra, but the UP Irrigation Department had released water in the Har Ki Paidi area in view of the Ganga bath, which pleased the devotees.

At Har Ki Paidi, a sizable throng of worshippers was swimming in anticipation of the lunar eclipse. On Sharad Purnima, Acharya Vikas Joshi said that there will be another eclipse in 30 years. The lunar eclipse in India will last for one hour and nineteen minutes in total.

There will be a nectar rainfall on Ashwin Shukla Purnima night, in the form of nectar from the sky. This Soma has been compared to nectar in the Vedas. This was the night that Lakshmi emerged from among the 14 diamonds that were released while the ocean was churning. It is said that eternal Radha and eternal Krishna performed the first Maharas in heaven on the brilliant night of Sharad Khoi.

What Sharad Purnima Means

Hindus commemorate Sharad Purnima on the night of the full moon in the Ashwin month. The moon is thought to be at its closest point to Earth on this particular night, and its rays are loaded with nectar. In order to purify oneself and obtain the moon’s blessings, devotees bathe in the sacred waters.

Eclipse of the Moon on Sharad Purnima

When the shadow of the Earth falls on the Moon, a lunar eclipse happens. When the Sun, Earth, and Moon are in a straight line, this occurs. A partial lunar eclipse will be observed in India for one hour and nineteen minutes on Sharad Purnima.

Joyful festivities at Har Ki Paidi

A revered ghat in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, is called Har Ki Paidi. It is well-known for its Ganga aarti ceremony and is a major Hindu pilgrimage place. Thousands of worshippers assemble at Har Ki Paidi on Sharad Purnima to see the moon eclipse and take a plunge in the Ganga.

Hindus get together during the Sharad Purnima celebration to honor the wonders of nature. It’s also an opportunity to consider the significance of personal development and spiritual advancement.