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Servotech & EMCOR Collaboration to Install 1,000 EV Charging Stations Across India

New Delhi (Mohan Bhulani) : Servotech Power Systems and EMCOR Power Solutions have joined forces to develop an outstanding network of 1,000 EV charging stations across India, in a groundbreaking collaboration that is likely to change the country’s electric vehicle (EV) scene. EMCOR Power Solutions, a subsidiary of Kuwait-based EMCOR International, will be in charge of constructing 1,000 charging power operator sites, which will provide as the foundation for this ambitious enterprise. Servotech Power Systems, on the other hand, will spearhead the development and installation of DC rapid EV chargers with capacities ranging from 30kW to 60kW and even higher.

The first phase of this electrifying project will see the installation of 100 charging stations in South India, with ambitions to expand the network across the country. The main goal of this collaboration is to accelerate electric vehicle adoption in India, decreasing carbon emissions and leading the country toward a cleaner, more sustainable future.

1,000 EV Charging Stations Are Transforming Mobility

As India faces the challenge of shifting to a greener and more sustainable transportation ecosystem, this ground-breaking collaboration has the potential to be game-changing. The installation of 1,000 EV charging stations is expected to overcome one of the most major barriers to EV adoption – charging infrastructure.

Servotech Power Systems, a power solutions pioneer, contributes its experience by developing and installing DC fast EV chargers with varied power outputs. These chargers, which range in power from 30kW to 60kW and beyond, are not only adaptable but also highly efficient, allowing EV drivers to recharge their vehicles quickly and conveniently.

With its significant global experience and knowledge in energy and infrastructure, EMCOR Power Solutions will oversee the development of the charging power operator locations. This critical infrastructure component will serve as the cornerstone for the EV charging network.

The first deployment was in South India.

The first phase of this project will see the installation of 100 recharge stations throughout South India. This strategic decision demonstrates the company’s commitment to increasing electric vehicle adoption in one of India’s important automotive centres. South India’s thriving automotive sector and electric vehicle market provide an ideal testing ground for this paradigm-breaking endeavor.

When these charging stations are operational, they will provide EV owners with a simple and efficient way to refuel their vehicles, making electric mobility a more realistic and practical option. This region’s charging infrastructure accessibility and availability will pave the path for increasing EV adoption.

National Expansion is on the Way

Beyond the initial deployment in South India, Servotech Power Systems and EMCOR Power Solutions plan a statewide rollout. The objective is to not only densify the charging network in South India, but also to extend its reach throughout the country.

This bold approach will usher in a sea change in India’s transportation scene. The enhanced network of EV charging stations will stimulate EV adoption in both urban and rural areas, decreasing carbon emissions and reliance on traditional internal combustion engine vehicles.

Advancing a Greener, More Sustainable Future

The collaboration between Servotech Power Systems and EMCOR Power Solutions is about more than just establishing charging stations; it is about ushering in a transportation revolution. This collaboration contributes greatly to environmental conservation and sustainability by promoting the expansion of electric vehicles in India.

The reduction in hazardous emissions from fossil-fuel-powered automobiles will become apparent as electric vehicles become more affordable and convenient to use. This, in turn, will result in significantly improved air quality, particularly in densely populated urban areas. The reduced carbon footprint is consistent with India’s commitment to the Paris Agreement and global climate change objectives.

A win-win situation for both businesses and consumers

The significance of this historic collaboration extends beyond the environmental benefits. It is a win-win situation for both businesses and consumers.

Installing EV charging stations can be a strategic move for businesses, attracting a rising number of eco-conscious consumers. It generates goodwill and is consistent with corporate social responsibility programs. Businesses that invest in charging infrastructure stand to benefit economically and environmentally as the EV industry grows.

In contrast, consumers have access to a rapidly expanding network of charging stations, making EV ownership more desirable. The ease of charging their vehicles at strategically positioned and efficient charging stations improves the whole EV ownership experience.