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Rs. 134 crore Unraveling Financial Irregularities in Uttarakhand’s Universities

Dehradun: Dehradun: at a surprising disclosure, financial irregularities totaling a whopping Rs. 134 crore have come to light at seven public institutions throughout Uttarakhand. This economic fiasco has created considerable issues over the financial management and responsibility of these educational organizations. Let’s go into the nuances of these abnormalities and discover how they have developed.

The problems generally focus around the inappropriate recruitment and pay of workers, mishandling of cash, and dubious financial decisions made by these colleges. These acts were carried out without sufficient official authorisation, resulting to catastrophic repercussions.

Open University’s Fiasco

The Open University is mired in an irregularity controversy concerning the employment of 38 individuals without corresponding job vacancies. This resulted in an irregular payment of Rs. 40.58 lakhs. Furthermore, 48 technical, administrative, and educational consultants were employed on fixed wages, leading to an irregular payment of approximately Rs. one crore. To compound the problem, Rs. 4.44 lakhs were improperly given as compensating payments to seven contract workers.

Another worrying discovery is that the institution neglected to adjust an advance of Rs. 3 crore 15 lakh for three years, and interest on government funds equivalent to Rs. 1.06 lakh was not deposited in the treasury.

Ayurveda University’s Financial Misstep

Ayurveda University found itself in hot water after authorities put AYUSH online counseling money into the account of a service provider business. To date, the business has not refunded Rs. 18.48 lakh, inflicting severe financial loss. Furthermore, the security service provider was paid Rs. 35 lakh more than the permitted rates. The inquiry discovered that the Registrar had allowed various personnel across all three university campuses to distribute drawings of lots.

Pantnagar University’s Troubles

Pantnagar University faces charges of misappropriating Rs. 35 crore under the Career Advancement Scheme. This money was erroneously paid when extending the superannuation age benefits to post holders who were not part of classroom education. Additionally, the university’s buying committee did not comply to guidelines, resulting in Rs. 12.91 lakh in irregular purchases. Six lakh rupees paid in advance were not adjusted in time, and Rs. 52,898 in departmental housing allotment fees went unrecovered.

Technical University’s Financial Hiccups

Technical University battled with overpayment concerns, including a higher GST rate paid on paper printing in the Examination Department, amounting to a deficit of 2.87 lakhs. Several vouchers were found without invoices, generating uncertainty in financial records. Furthermore, roughly one and a half lakh rupees in interest were put in the university’s bank account but were not transferred to the treasury.

Sanskrit University’s Dubious Recognition

Sanskrit University gave recognition to different colleges, educational institutions, and professional courses, delivering disproportionate benefits to school administration worth Rs. 3.97 crore. Irregular payments of Rs. 18.50 lakh were paid to university personnel linked abroad. Additionally, the UP development Corporation did not complete a hostel development on schedule and was not assessed Rs. 7.62 lakhs as a penalty.

Kumaun University’s Costly Computerization

Kumaun University overspent by Rs. 23.80 lakhs on the computerization of the examination procedure. Unapproved adoption of personnel patterns cost an extra Rs. 1.44 lakh. Moreover, the institution paid Rs. 66 lakhs irregularly to 150 contractual daily wage laborers without government authorization.

The Bhimtal campus of Kumaun University withdrew Rs. 10 lakhs in cushion money, although the amount remained unaccounted for. Furthermore, illegal extensions of service resulted in Rs. 92 lakhs being paid to contract teachers, and an additional Rs. 70 lakhs being irregularly paid to the security guard supply firm without government clearance. Notably, answer books and degrees worth Rs. 1.12 crore were printed without a formal tender procedure. Furthermore, Rs. 1.39 crore was overspent on various projects, and Rs. 2.76 lakh was not collected from the executing agency for failing to complete dormitories and other structures in a timely way.

Doon University’s Procurement Mishaps

Doon University’s financial infractions include the purchase of psychology lab items worth Rs. 1.91 lakh against established standards and the purchasing of software worth Rs. 2.07 lakh without adherence to regulations. Irregular payments were also made without technical permission, including payments for outsourced automobiles. Moreover, monies intended for the building of a women’s hostel were not provided, resulting to a cost rise of Rs. 3.99 crore.