Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Rs 12.14 crore sanctioned for construction of Kainchi Dham bypass

Nainital: There will soon be less traffic during the pilgrimage to Kainchi Dham since a bypass will be established with a significant investment of 12.14 crores.

The approved funding is intended to improve the traffic infrastructure in Kainchi Dham, more especially to build a bypass that will run eight kilometers from Sanitarium to the Sirodi road. This project includes general upgrading, asphalting, and widening. For pilgrims traveling to the Dham, the problem of traffic jams will be eliminated once this bypass is completed.

Baba Neeb Karori’s shrine in Kainchi has consistently seen an increase in the number of worshippers. However, the unfavorable outcome of traffic congestion brought about by the increase in vehicle activity on Bhawali Road has inconvenienced locals, tourists, and devotees equally. As of right now, the government has approved the construction of the Kainchi Dham bypass, which would run from Sanitarium through Sirori, for a substantial amount of Rs 12.14 crore.

The money allotted will be used to build a bypass that will serve Kainchi Dham’s needs. The president of the municipality who is leaving, Sanjay Verma, stated that this bypass, which runs from Sanitorium to Kainchi Dham, is going to help with the ongoing problem of traffic congestion. It is expected that the completion of the bypass will significantly alleviate traffic flow, guaranteeing that pilgrims do not face any additional obstacles throughout their journey because of gridlock.