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Putting a Stop to Drug Trafficking in Uttarakhand: A Major Arrest and Liquor Seizure

The Uttarakhand Police have made a big advancement in Pithoragarh district as part of a concerted effort to tackle drug trafficking. Two people who were reportedly involved in drug trafficking were apprehended as a result of this operation. Lokeshwar Singh, the superintendent of police in Pithoragarh, verified the occurrence and applauded the police force’s tenacious efforts to uphold law and order. This article investigates the specifics of the operation, the people detained, and the contraband found.

The Seizure and Arrest

The police team, commanded by Kotwali in-charge Chanchal Singh, observed a suspicious pickup truck with the license plate UK05CA-2024 while conducting a routine patrol close to the Fagali village on the Tharkot Wali road. The police quickly indicated for the car to halt, which caused the two occupants to show symptoms of distress.

Nine crates containing illicit English booze were found by the police after examining the car. Suraj Joshi, a resident of Dhari Dhamod Pithoragarh, and Satish Chandra Joshi, a resident of Phagali Pithoragarh, were the two people who were arrested.

Taking legal action

Both of them were apprehended, taken into arrest, and brought to the police station. They were swiftly the subject of a case under section 60/72 of the Excise Act. The authorities have taken immediate action to make sure that individuals in charge of transporting illegal drugs bear the costs of their conduct.

A Dual Victory

This operation not only inflicted a serious blow to drug trafficking, but it also dismantled another case. The Mata Kotvi temple, located in Mar Khadayat village of Pithoragarh, had artifacts of religious value stolen from it, including Kalash, Gagri, a bell, and cash. This theft was discovered by the police. Two people, one of whom was a minor, were detained in relation to this theft.