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Public Works Department Instructions, A Push for Pothole-Free Roads in uttarakhand 

Pothole Free Roads uttarakhand

Dehradun : Mrs. Radha Raturi, Additional Chief Secretary, uttarakhand has given the Public Works Department (PWD) a number of strict directives with a deadline of November 30. The elimination of all potholes from our roadways is the main goal. The Urban Development Department has also been given the urgent assignment of putting in place a reliable waste management system in our urban districts.

ACS Raturi has highlighted to the relevant authorities the necessity for prompt and diligent execution of the Chief Minister’s declarations in a firm display of her commitment. The directives are unambiguous: from the highest levels of government to the most basic levels, there must be a set timeline for the fulfillment of these pledges. The Chief Minister’s announcements must be carried out as soon as possible.

These instructions were given during thorough assessments of development projects within assembly districts, which were all carried out under the supervision of chief minister Shri Pushkar Singh Dhami. Within the revered walls of the Secretariat, ACS Raturi presided over the assessment of the achievements in the Public Works, Urban Development, Housing, and Industrial Development Departments.

The constant monitoring of the Chief Minister’s statements at the departmental secretary level is a crucial aspect of these directives. A specific time frame must be specified for the completion of each and every promise made. In this regard, the PWD has been instructed to start taking action right once to fix the road conditions that have been made worse by the excessive monsoon rains, which have led to widespread potholes in many locations.

Departments in charge of construction projects have simultaneously been given the go-ahead to speed up their initiatives. It goes without saying that progress must move forward quickly.