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PM Modi is expected to dedicate the Ayodhya Ram Temple in January

The Ram Janmabhoomi Mandir’s much anticipated opening in Ayodhya is set to make history. This historic event is anticipated to be attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi between January 21 and January 24, 2024. The third week of January 2024 will surely see the inauguration of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, according to remarks made by eminent seers connected to the trust.

The Prosperous Muhurat and PM Modi’s Involvement

According to a Live Hindustan story citing Swami Govind Giri, a lucky “muhurat” will be carefully selected between January 21 and 23. To ensure that the occasion is blessed by the celestials, Prime Minister Modi will be properly informed about this fortunate time.

starting to make preparations

The ‘Pooja,’ or preliminary ceremonies, for this momentous inauguration are set to begin on January 14. The Hindu said that once Prime Minister Narendra Modi gives his approval, the inauguration date will be officially confirmed.

Awaiting Official Announcement

It is important to note that the temple’s leaders have not yet made the inauguration date public. This has increased rumors in the media, with claiming the inauguration will take place on January 24, while Zee News predicts January 22. The official confirmation is still pending.

Ayodhya’s Rich Temple History: A Snippet

A presentation describing a planned museum in Ayodhya was given in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which is an important development. This museum strives to present the lengthy histories of renowned temples from all throughout the nation.

High Level Conversations

The construction of this museum in the holy city of Ayodhya has drawn a lot of attention. In Delhi, it was the main topic of discussion at a high-level meeting with the prime minister. Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, and top representatives from Ayodhya were present at the meeting.

Development at the Ram Temple

Ram Temple building in Ayodhya is moving forward more quickly than anticipated. When Prime Minister Modi performed the Bhoomi puja on August 5, 2020, signaling the start of temple building, this enormous undertaking got heavenly blessing.

A Dream Accomplished

The Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra, a body tasked with supervising the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, was established by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in February 2020.

A Significant Supreme Court Decision

Recalling a historic decision from November 9, 2019, Ram Lalla was favored by a five-judge Supreme Court panel led by former Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi. It was decided that a government-created trust would be in charge of overseeing the construction of the Ram Temple on this holy place on the entire contested 2.7-acre parcel of land.

The upcoming opening of the Ayodhya Ram Temple is anticipated with growing fervor and promises to be a historic event that will go down in history.