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One Nation, One ID would be made available to all students in India

New Delhi: The “One Nation, One Student ID” program, which the Indian government plans to implement, will be available to all students in the nation, from pre-primary through higher education. Each student will be given a special identification number under this program, known as the Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry (APAAR), which will be used to monitor their academic progress and accomplishments during the course of their schooling.

The student’s APAAR ID will be associated with their Aadhaar number and also contain details about their academic standing, extracurricular activities, and accolades. This data will be kept in a safe digital locker that the student, their parents, and approved educational institutions can access.

The APAAR ID is anticipated to offer a number of advantages to schools, parents, and students. It will be simpler for students to apply to higher education institutions and transfer across schools. It will give parents a comprehensive picture of their child’s intellectual development. Additionally, it will increase productivity and lessen paperwork for schools.

The APAAR ID will be optional, according to the government, and parents will be given the choice to reject the program. However, it is urging all parents to sign up their kids for the program because it might offer a lot of advantages for the education of their kids.

A permanent identification code to monitor students’ academic progress in both public and private schools

The APAAR ID will serve as a student’s permanent identifying number and be used to monitor their academic progress in both public and private schools. This implies that regardless of the school they attend, kids will have a single record of their academic progress over the course of their education.

For pupils who switch schools regularly, this will be especially helpful. Students who apply to colleges and universities will also benefit from being able to submit just one transcript reflecting their academic history.

The APAAR ID will also be utilized to keep track of the awards and extracurricular pursuits of pupils. When they apply to colleges or for jobs, kids will have a more complete profile thanks to this.

The One Nation, One Student ID program is generally a good thing for Indian education. There will be several advantages for kids, parents, and schools, and it is anticipated that it will increase the efficiency and transparency of the educational system.