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MoU worth Rs 40,000 crore for investment in hydro, solar energy, gas sector in uttarakhand

Dehradun: The Energy Conclave, which took place on Tuesday at the height of the Global Investors Summit, saw the orchestration of Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) valued at a staggering Rs 40,000 crore। 33 companies came to the conclave and promised to invest in state-wide solar, hydel, and gas-based projects। Throughout this mess of agreements, projects worth Rs. 21,522 crore have already been completed after the initial phase, while newly inked MoUs worth Rs. 18,901 crore hold promise for the future।

The venerable Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami emphasized the state’s enormous potential for energy sector investments। During the Energy Conclave, which was part of the Destination Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit, which was held at the Secretariat, he clearly stated his belief। In August, Chief Minister Dhami was present when MoUs pledged Rs. 40,423 crore। Significantly, Rs. 21,522 crore has been secured for the implementation of projects, while a further sum of Rs. 18,901 crore is expected to inspire further development।

Chief Minister Dhami emphasized the state’s enormous potential। The government is proactive in its efforts to increase investment। Based on industry stakeholders’ feedback, 27 new policies and existing policies have been refined to improve efficiency। Attending companies offered a variety of ideas, including solar power initiatives, hydro projects, pump storage plants, CNG facilities, and solar parks।

The joint venture between THDC-UJVNL became famous because it got the majority of MoUs valued at Rs. 16,370 crore। The Investors Summit, which will be held on December 8 and 9, is expected to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which is an emblematic event of the state’s transformative journey and will reflect the success of Vibrant Gujarat।

Additional Chief Secretary Radha Raturi stressed how important it is for the three companies working in the state’s energy sector to work together। This cooperative approach strengthens the sector and creates opportunities for local employment। Dr. R. Meenakshi Sundaram, Secretary Power, explained the ongoing efforts to make Uttarakhand a self-sufficient energy state। Hydropower and new solar energy policies have been adopted to encourage investments and create jobs।

Many organizations have stepped forth with significant commitments in the maze of investors:

  1. THDC-UJVNL Energy Company – Rs 16,370 crore
  2. NTPC Vidyut Vyapar Nigam Limited – Rs 50 crore
  3. UJVNL – Rs 3,220 crore
  4. State Craft – Rs 600 crore
  5. Eastern Ramganga Valley Hydel Project Company – Rs 160 crore
  6. Mandakini Hydro Power – Rs 130 crore
  7. Khutani Power – Rs 300 crore
  8. Melkhet Power – Rs 330 crore
  9. Him Urja Private Limited – Rs 480 crore
  10. Aglar Power Private Limited – Rs 90 crore
  11. Kashi Vishwanath Steel – Rs 68
  12. Kashi Vishwanath Textile Mill – Rs 10
  13. Evincia Renewable – Rs 09
  14. Sara CE – Rs 2.36 + Rs 1.23
  15. Technox Engineering – Rs 01
  16. GMR – Rs 10,800
  17. Kundan Group – Rs 1,000
  18. Uttar Bharat Hydro – Rs 750
  19. Bhilangana Hydro Power – Rs 1,000
  20. Regency Yamuna Energy – Rs 336
  21. Regency Gangnani Energy – Rs 24
  22. Shivam Dayal Energy – Rs 185
  23. Evolve Energy – Rs 1,184
  24. Hegatech Private Limited – Rs 827
  25. MV Power Energy – Rs 75
  26. Rays Power Infra – Rs 2,000
  27. Trishuline Innovations – Rs 200
  28. RiverClean Energy – Rs 210
  29. Edos Renewables – Rs 10

In a landscape dominated by investment revelations, the state continues to traverse its trajectory toward energy self-reliance, guided by policies designed to invigorate and sustain this transformative journey.