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Migrating Abroad: The 12th Global Investment Immigration Summit In Mumbai

Mumbai: A notable increase in participants at the 12th Global Investment Immigration Summit, held at the Sofitel, BKC Mumbai, indicated an increasing interest among Indians in seeking possibilities abroad.

The summit, which was organized by BLS Global with Acquest Advisors serving as the Knowledge Partner and NDTV serving as the media partner, brought together knowledge and ideas from all across the world. The event brought together immigration experts from all over the world, including the US, UK, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and more, and it served as a hub for international cooperation.

Over 150 High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) and business professionals attended this gathering, demonstrating the expanding appeal of international investment and migration to the Indian populace.

The respected visitors, speakers, and partners received sincere gratitude from Mr. Sam Hussain, Director of BLS Global. His speech established a hopeful tone for the event by reflecting the group’s objective of building worldwide relationships and maximizing global potential.

Mr. Chandrakant Salunkhe, President of the SME Chamber of India, issued a call to action to Indian business owners in his inauguration speech. He exhorted them to cross international boundaries, seize global possibilities, and stimulate the growth of global businesses.

The CEO of Acquest Advisors, Mr. Paresh Karia, led the audience on an insightful tour of the current state of the world. He emphasized the significant influence of recent world events on the rising appeal of residency and citizenship by investment alternatives, including the Covid-19 outbreak and the developing events in Europe. His observations on initiatives like the Portugal Golden Visa, Greece Golden Visa, and Spain Golden Visa struck a chord in particular, illustrating the evolving preferences of people from industrialized countries like the US and UK.

The thorough EB-5 session, conducted by Ambika Singh, a Senior Journalist with NDTV’s special projects, was one of the summit’s most important moments. Important questions from the audience were addressed throughout the interactive discussion, which featured prominent professionals from the US and India. It helped to clarify the complexities of the EB-5 program’s legal and financial foundations.

The summit’s schedule was packed with interesting topics, including parts that focused on countries like Portugal, Greece, and Spain and explored investment potential in Europe. The Liberalised Remittance Scheme’s complexities and the most recent changes to Tax Collected at Source on foreign remittances were extensively covered in the post-lunch sessions. These conversations gained layers of depth and clarity thanks to the participation of prominent bankers, chartered accountants, and immigration specialists, giving participants a well-rounded viewpoint.

A lively panel discussion titled “Twenty Years of Residency and Citizenship Industry in India” took center stage as the program came to a close. Sam Hussain, Director of BLS Global, Paresh Karia, CEO of Acquest Advisors, Prashant Ajmera, Chairman of Ajmera Law Group, and others with eminence discussed the historical development and projected course of the Indian investment immigration sector.

The event’s knowledge partner, Acquest Advisors, was essential in shaping the event’s structure and content. HNIs, business owners, and start-up entrepreneurs have benefited greatly from the firm’s experience and all-encompassing immigration solutions as they navigate the complex world of international migration.

Acquest has offices all over the world and has its main office in Mumbai. The company is a leader in immigration counseling thanks to a team of in-house specialists and a network of seasoned professionals, including lawyers, bankers, chartered accountants, regional centers, developers, fund managers, and business sellers.

The charismatic CEO of Acquest Advisors, Paresh Karia, brings with him over 20 years of varied experience in the banking, financial advice, real estate, and immigration fields. Because of his established reputation for thought leadership, he frequently contributes to TV programs on reputable networks like CNBC and NDTV as well as periodicals like the Hindustan Times, Forbes, Fortune India,, and Bloomberg Quint.

A symposium of hopes, chances, and dreams, the 12th Global Investment Immigration Summit in Mumbai was more than just an event. It provided a venue for the exchange of knowledge and encouraged international collaborations, opening doors to global possibilities.