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Manipur’s Biren Singh administration is considering a “one force, one district” policy

According to a report, each district will be assigned paramilitary forces specifically tasked with upholding law and order under this setup.

As part of its attempts to bring peace to the northeastern state, Manipur’s administration is thinking of implementing a “one district, one force” strategy to improve operational efficiency and coordination among security personnel. Since 3 May, ethnic violence has been rife in the state, which has been plagued by this practice.

In accordance with this structure, each district would have devoted members of a paramilitary force who are in charge of upholding law and order, according to a story in the Hindustan Times.

This strategy, according to a security officer in Delhi, tries to encourage accountability and reduce the likelihood of disputes between various security personnel.

An unidentified source was cited in the paper as saying that a single command led by security advisor Kuldiep Singh will reorganize security personnel across the state to follow the “one district, one force” structure.

“Having a single force oversee a certain district will improve coordination and accountability. Everything that occurs in the specific district will be under the control of the force. Since the CRPF has more troops, it is possible that some of them may be sent to more than one district, the official was cited as saying by Hindustan Times.

All of these paramilitary organizations will collaborate with the state police. Although a formal order has not yet been made, it will be in the near future, the source continued.

There are more than 200 companies representing different paramilitary groups in the state where ethnic conflicts between the Meiteis and Kukis are still existent today. Unfortunately, incidents of violence resulting from these tensions have claimed at least 175 lives in this area.

The Assam Rifles, the army, and the five paramilitary forces of the country—the CRPF, BSF, ITBP, SSB, and CISF—are collaborating with the state police to manage the situation and restore calm and normality. Their joint efforts are concentrated on upholding the rule of law, protecting the populace, and resolving the intricate problems brought on by the ethnic strife.

“The current offices or camps of the forces that are present in each area might serve as the basis for the deployment of the troops. There are 16 administrative districts in the state. Some CRPF and army troops were already stationed in the state before the unrest broke out. The CRPF is the paramilitary force with the most men stationed in Manipur, according to the source quoted in the paper.

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