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Mahua Moitra’s Explosive Revelations: ‘Jharkhandi Pitbull’ Nishikant Dubey, Hiranandani’s Car

Advocate Jai Anant Dehadrai and BJP MP Nishikant Dubey stated that Darshan Hiranandani, the CEO of the real estate and infrastructure company Hiranandani Group, gave Mahua Moitra “just a scarf, some lipsticks and makeup items,” rather than a list of pricey gifts. The Trinamool Lok Sabha MP is picked up and dropped off in Mumbai by Darshan’s automobile, nevertheless.

“The only stuff I got from Darshan Hiranandani were a scarf and a few lipsticks and cosmetics that he used to select from the duty-free section of the Dubai airport. And his auto comes to pick me up and drop me off in Mumbai. Mahua Moitra stated, “I don’t stay with him,” in an India Today interview.

Expounding on Darshan’s list of “luxury” presents, Moitra informed the audience that, prior to entering politics, she worked as a banker and earned more than Rs 2 crore.

“I was a banker in 2008 when I entered grassroots politics, and I used to earn multiple times of Rs 2 crore at that time. There is no proof that they offered me money.” “It is absurd to say that I would accept Rs 2 crore in unproven cash,” the Trinamool Congress MP remarked.

In addition, she insisted on receiving an itemized account of the presents Darshan Hiranandani, the so-called approver in the cash-for-query case, claimed to have given.

Did Mahua Moitra’s bungalow get repaired thanks to Darshan Hiranandani?

The TMC MP defended Darshan’s actions by referring to him as a “close personal friend” and saying that someone in need would go to a friend rather than Nishikant Dubey, whom she also called a “Jharkhandi pitbull.”

“Darshan is and has always been a close personal friend of mine, even before I became an MP. The father of Darshan Hiranandani and he own a sizable real estate firm. My government bungalow was in a terrible state when I was given it. There were five fake ceilings and no natural light entered the space. Mahua Moitra stated, “I instructed Darshan to have one of his architects explain to me how the bungalow can be remodeled to let in more light and how CPWD can accomplish it.

She displayed the designs that Darshan Hiranandani provided as well during the interview with India Today. It was created by CPWD, and no commercial company was involved. Of course, I’m not going to Nishikant Dubey to get my house designed. I’d consult a friend,” Moitra remarked.

Did Mahua Moitra Give Darshan Hiranandani Her Parliament Login?

Mahua Moitra acknowledged that she had given Darshan Hiranandani her Parliament login and password, but she defended this by arguing that there is no restriction on who can access the login. The TMC MP went on to say that her sister’s youngster wrote in her inquiries and logged on from Cambridge as well.

According to her, the login credentials and questions are not entered by the MPs directly; instead, their team has access to them. “But after that, an OTP appears on my phone alone. It doesn’t reach Darshan’s mobile device. Moitra dismissed the accusations, saying “The questions are submitted only when I provide the OTP.”

The claim that Darshan Hiranandani compromised security by logging in from Dubai, according to the Trinamool Lok Sabha MP, is “ludicrous.”

“There are no restrictions on who can obtain the NIC login. Large teams receive the questions from each and every MP. You’re suggesting that I handed it on to an outside party. My friend Darshan Hiranandani is an Indian national. The public now has access to his passport,” she stated.

“I signed in from Switzerland myself. From Cambridge, my sister’s youngster has also logged in and typed my inquiries. Given the high level of security around NIC’s Q&A portal, is it not possible to prevent IP addresses from accessing it? It is not necessary for me to ask inquiries of Darshan Hiranandani. Each and every query is RTI-able. Where are the quo and the quid? Moitra continued.

“I instructed Darshan to send several of his office assistants to enter the questions. Because the OTP is sent to my mobile number, it seems absurd that someone might charge me for answering a question. I am the one who writes every inquiry and I am among those who complete their work. There are only 61 questions because of this, according to Moitra.

Mahua Moitra Is Having Problems Because of His “Jharkhandi Pitbull” Remark?

The Trinamool MP continued the interview by saying, “They have chosen the wrong person to bully.” Indeed, they have. I’ve given up everything to sit here, and I’m not going to finish up like this because of a small Jharkhandi bulldog and an ugly past relationship. I’ll keep looking for this, and you may watch what transpires in 2024.

BJP MP Nishikant Dubey responded to the “Jharkhandi pitbull” by saying, “Mahua insulted the entire Jharkhand and Bihar by calling me pitbull.”