Sunday, May 19, 2024
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‘Leo’s’ 4 AM screening by Vijay is adjudicated without a ruling by the Madras High Court

Channei : when the movie is scheduled for release, the Madras High Court decided not to rule on a request by the producers for a 4 AM screening of Tamil Super Star Thalapathy Vijay’s flick, Leo.”

Following vigorous resistance from State Public Prosecutor Mohammed Ali Jinnah and Advocate General R. Shanmugasundaram, Justice Anitha Sumanth decided not to issue any rulings in the case.

However, the court instructed producers to make their request for 7 AM shows from October 19–24 to the state government.

Leo’s producers had petitioned the Madras High Court asking for approval for a special 4 AM show on the film’s release day. They contended that this was required to control the anticipated congestion and excitement. The state’s public prosecutor and advocate general, however, opposed the petition because they believed it would disturb public safety and order.

Fans of Vijay, who were eager to see the movie first day, first show, are likely to be disappointed by the court’s decision to withhold judgment on the 4 AM screening. Although the court instructed the producers to ask the state government for permission to hold events at 7 AM, a compromise is yet possible.

It is uncertain whether the state government will approve the Leo programs at 7 AM. If it works, Vijay fans will be relieved because they won’t have to wait for the usual morning shows to watch the movie on opening day.