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Law in Assam to make polygamy illegal- CM Himanta Biswa Sarma

Law in Assam to make polygamy illegal- CM Himanta Biswa Sarma

Assam: A noteworthy milestone was the announcement on Sunday by Assam’s Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma of the submission of a bill to outlaw polygamy. The choice was made not long after the expert committee’s report on the viability of passing such legislation in the state was turned in.

At a news conference, the Chief Minister addressed the media and disclosed that the expert committee had unanimously agreed that the state had the right to enforce laws against polygamy. The analysis indisputably indicates that the state government has the authority to implement a polygamy restriction law, comparable to the one in the POCSO Act, the speaker emphasized. Any inconsistencies will be eliminated as a result.

Chief Minister Sarma assured that the measure would definitely be passed during this fiscal year when asked about the timing for implementation. Though alternatives for the forthcoming September session, December session, or budget session are being examined, the precise session for proposing the bill in the Assembly will be decided later.

The Chief Minister acknowledged the necessity to give MLAs enough time to debate and examine the bill during the Cabinet meeting because this would be the first time such legislation is introduced in Assam.

The Chief Minister said, in response to questions about the Uniform Civil Code (UCC), “There is little need to seek the opinion of various groups and social organizations as we have found widespread acceptance among Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, and other communities for our initiative.”

He added that although there is no foundation for objections, the Cabinet may nonetheless take into account the opinions of all parties because there is ample time for it. He acknowledged that some people weren’t in favor of the change.

The Assam government created an expert team to evaluate the viability of passing legislation outlawing polygamy. The expert committee delivered its findings to the Chief Minister earlier in the day. This change represents a big advancement in addressing the polygamy problem in the state.