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landslide occurred in Summer Hill Shimla region of Himachal Pradesh

A landslide occurred in the Summer Hill region of Himachal Pradesh’s Shimla on Wednesday, leading to a search and rescue operation. Local authorities, including sniffer dogs and rescue personnel, were present at the site. SDM Shimla (Urban) Bhanu Gupta confirmed that 12 bodies have been recovered so far, based on information provided by local residents. The operation involves the NDRF, SDRF, army, local police, and home guard. Efforts are ongoing to rescue any individuals who may still be alive.

Continuous heavy rainfall in Himachal Pradesh has resulted in widespread destruction in various areas, including the collapse of buildings and damage to properties.

On Tuesday, a landslide caused the collapse of 5 to 7 houses in the Krishna Nagar vicinity of Shimla. Authorities expressed concerns about residents possibly being trapped under the debris, prompting rescue operations led by the NDRF, SDRF, and state police personnel.
On Tuesday, the Indian Air Force conducted a single airlift mission to transport 18 army soldiers who were providing assistance for the rescue operation after the landslides in Shimla.

According to the sources, SDM Shimla (Urban) Bhanu Gupta made a statement regarding the recent landslide incidents in Shimla. The Uttarakhand Met department in Dehradhun provided updates on the rainfall situation in the region. Additionally, previous news reports highlighted the assistance provided by the Indian Air Force in dealing with the aftermath of the landslides.

The combination of these sources provides a comprehensive understanding of the situation. By analyzing the statement from SDM Shimla, the meteorological updates from Dehradhun, and the reports on the Indian Air Force’s involvement, we can gather valuable information about the impact of the landslides in Shimla and the measures being taken to address the situation.