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ISIS Terror Module Case in Maharashtra: Shamil Nachan Remanded to NIA Custody

In connection with the Maharashtra Terror Module case, Shamil Saquib Nachan, a suspected ISIS terrorist, was remanded to the custody of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Saturday. Nachan’s custody was extended by the Special Holiday court until August 18.

The NIA has requested a 14-day incarceration period in order to investigate Nachan’s alleged involvement in terrorist plots. Shamil Nachan, the son of Saquib Nachan, a former general secretary of the Indian Mujahideen and a former SIMI member, was suspected of being involved in the creation, instruction, and evaluation of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) for prospective terrorist attacks. He had worked along with six other people who had also been detained.
With his fellow co-accused, Nachan will be confronted by the NIA.

Two mobile numbers connected to Shamil Nachan were discovered during the inquiry, according to the NIA’s findings, which were given to the court. In May 2022, one of these calls was linked to Kondhwa, which was also the time and place where all the suspects had gathered to create, practice, and test improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The NIA’s investigation revealed that the accused had purchased this specific suspected mobile number under another person’s name, raising questions about whether it might have been used for communication pertaining to suspected terrorist activity. Shamil, the accused, confirmed using the phone number during the court hearings. He added that the number had been acquired in his name and given to him by his seller. Despite the fact that he had used this number for a while, he acknowledged that he had stopped using it a few months earlier and was unaware of its present situation.

The NIA asked for custody with the goal to question him with other co-accused parties in order to determine his precise identification and position inside the ISIS Maharashtra Terror Module.

According to NIA authorities, during their investigation, one of the IS terror suspects, Quadir Pathan, revealed that another suspect, Akif Nachan, had assembled explosive materials and associated equipment during a workshop held in May 2022. This session was held at a house in Kondhwa, Pune, and it was centered on creating, manufacturing, and assessing IED explosives. Alongside Akif Nachan, a person with a hefty frame, mustache, and long hair had participated in this course.