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How Bilal from Kashmir Applied Ingenuity to Develop a Solar-Powered Car

With his ground-breaking invention—a solar-powered car—innovative math teacher Bilal Ahmad has become a symbol of innovation in the gorgeous surroundings of Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir. Ahmad’s dedication over more than ten years to this goal serves as a shining example of human tenacity and unflinching resolve.

How to Foster Innovation Through Need

In Bilal Ahmad’s trip, the proverb “necessity is the mother of invention” comes to life. Innovation grabbed center stage as Srinagar math teacher Bilal showcased his invention, a solar-powered automobile, amid the magnificent valleys of Kashmir. Ahmad’s ambition transformed into reality through a taxing 11-year journey of unrelenting effort and dedication, attracting appreciation and attention in equal measure.

A Mobile Marvel of Technology

The solar-powered vehicle created by Bilal Ahmad is a marvel that skillfully combines technology and sustainability. The car’s cutting-edge design, which has drawn a lot of attention on social media, features upward-opening doors that are reminiscent of flying cars and elegant solar panels on its roof. The vehicle, which resembles the classic Maruti 800, has aroused the interest of internet users, prompting them to ask visionaries like Elon Musk and Anand Mahindra to pay attention to Ahmad’s work.

The Dream: Yosha Maisha Car (YMC)

Bilal Ahmad plans to construct a production facility for his solar-powered automobile, which he calls the YMC (a combination of the initials of his daughters Yosha and Maisha) in order to make his invention affordable for the general public. This dream transcends the boundaries of one person’s vision; it represents the blending of desire and reality, where invention benefits the average person.

Making Energy Sources Revolutionary

Bilal Ahmad was motivated to develop a solar-powered vehicle by the rising price of conventional fuel. In an effort to lessen this difficulty, he traveled to Chennai in 2019 and worked with a manufacturer of solar panels. Recognizing Kashmir’s foggy climate, he cleverly incorporated solar panels that could still provide energy on cloudy days. He carefully researched several solar firms before selecting monocrystalline solar panels, which increased the car’s energy efficiency.

In the Sun’s Dance

Ahmad’s invention is based on an inventive technique in which solar panels are raised to directly collect sunlight. These panels change their orientation in response to the movement of the sun, ensuring the best possible energy absorption. This dynamic functionality is managed by a remote control with an astounding 1.5 km range, giving fine control over the alignment of the panels. In addition, Bilal Ahmad increased the car’s seating capacity so that it could easily fit four people.

Brilliant engineering and a love of electronics

The journey of Bilal Ahmad goes beyond only math and invention. His career in education has spanned 14 years, and during that time he has held positions as an assistant professor in a number of schools. He has a degree in civil engineering and a love of electronics. He unveiled an LPG gas controlling safety gadget in 2009 that could remotely turn off an LPG cylinder using a mobile app. This early project demonstrated his natural ability to marry cutting-edge technology with workable solutions.

The Beginning of Sustainable Transport

The journey taken by Bilal Ahmad from a mathematics classroom to the forefront of environmentally friendly transportation is the perfect example of human tenacity, zeal, and innovation. His solar-powered vehicle highlights the potential for renewable energy to transform the transportation industry with its cutting-edge design and creative energy options. As Bilal’s vision for YMC takes hold, it acts as a guiding light for a cleaner, more sustainable future on Kashmir’s roadways and beyond.