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Google eliminated 2500 illicit lending apps, according to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

(News Trust Of India) : Nirmala Sitharaman, the finance minister of India, praised Google for removing a startling 2,500 bogus loan applications from its Play Store as a major step against financial fraud.

Google’s proactive approach to protecting customers from potential scams, especially those involving fraudulent loan services, has been commended by Finance Minister Sitharaman. The deleted applications were found to have engaged in fraudulent activity, taking advantage of gullible people looking for financial support.

Finance Minister Sitharaman commented on the situation, saying, “I appreciate Google’s quick action in removing these dishonest loan apps from its Play Store.” These apps damage the reputation of legitimate financial businesses in addition to taking advantage of the weak. Technology platforms must protect user confidence by guaranteeing the security and integrity of the apps they host.

The Finance Minister stressed that in order to stop the growing threat of fraudulent financial apps, technological companies, regulatory organizations, and law enforcement agencies must work together. She called on other owners of app stores to take similar action, enforcing strict protocols to quickly detect and remove these malicious apps.

The 2,500 apps were taken down by Google as part of a continuous effort to improve the dependability and security of its app store. The business has been making significant investments in artificial intelligence and sophisticated algorithms to find and remove apps that break its rules, particularly those that are connected to financial scams.

It is advisable for users to exercise caution while downloading applications related to finances or loans and to confirm the authenticity of the apps and the services they provide. The public was also given assurances by the finance minister that the government is attempting to fortify the regulatory structure in order to handle the problems brought on by bogus financial apps.

In order to safeguard consumers from online threats, Google’s swift response emphasizes how crucial it is for internet companies to accept accountability for the content posted on their platforms and to collaborate with law enforcement. The Finance Minister expressed optimism that these kinds of measures will establish a standard for a more secure and safe digital ecosystem in India.