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Global Investors Summit 2023 Poised to Propel the State’s Economic Transformation

Dehradun : The highly anticipated Global Investors Summit 2023 (GIS 2023) kicked off today in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, marking a pivotal moment for the state’s economic trajectory. The two-day event, themed “Destination Uttarakhand,” serves as a platform to attract significant investments, boost economic growth, and create substantial employment opportunities.

Unveiling a Vision for Prosperity:

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, in his opening address, emphasized the summit’s central objective: harmonizing ecology and economy to generate widespread job opportunities within the state. He highlighted the critical role of sustainable development in achieving Devbhoomi’s (Land of the Gods) vision of becoming a leading state.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is our guiding force, and this investor summit, held under his leadership, will significantly contribute to making India a five trillion-dollar economy,” Dhami declared. He further commended the state’s streamlined single-window system policy, designed to attract investments through its ease of operation.

Investment Pacts and Economic Momentum:

The summit witnessed the signing of MoUs worth a staggering Rs. 3 lakh crore (approximately US$37 billion), showcasing the immense investor confidence in Uttarakhand’s potential. Leading industrialists, including Mukesh Ambani, Gautam Adani, Sanjiv Puri, and Sajjan Jindal, participated in the event, underlining the summit’s significance.

Key Investment Highlights:

  • JSW Group: Rs. 15,000 crore investment in a pump storage plant
  • Naini Papers: Rs. 3,000 crore investment in a paper pulp project
  • Agar Technology: Rs. 2,000 crore investment in lithium-ion battery recycling
  • ITC: Rs. 5,000 crore investment in paper and pulp
  • Hayay Group: Rs. 2,000 crore investment in five-star hotels
  • Khamas: Rs. 2,000 crore investment in the hospitality sector in Tehri
  • LuLu Group: Rs. 1,700 crore investment in retail, malls, and hospitality

Global Reach and Strategic Partnerships:

GIS 2023 hosted over 8,000 investors and their representatives, representing a diverse range of industries and countries. Ambassadors from various nations, including Spain, Slovenia, Nepal, Cuba, Greece, Austria, Japan, and Saudi Arabia, were also present, highlighting the summit’s international appeal and potential for forging strategic partnerships.

Location-Specific Investment Proposals:

The summit generated significant investment proposals across various locations within Uttarakhand. Notable highlights include:

  • London: Rs. 12,500 crore
  • Dubai: Rs. 15,475 crore
  • Delhi: Rs. 26,575 crore
  • Chennai: Rs. 10,150 crore
  • Bangalore: Rs. 4,600 crore
  • Ahmedabad: Rs. 24,000 crore
  • Mumbai: Rs. 30,200 crore
  • Haridwar: Rs. 37,820 crore
  • Rudrapur: Rs. 27,476 crore

Sector-Specific Investment Focus:

GIS 2023 emphasized investments in key sectors like:

  • Energy: Rs. 40,000 crore
  • Education: Rs. 680 crore

A Catalyst for Transformation:

The Global Investors Summit 2023 is expected to play a pivotal role in transforming Uttarakhand’s economic landscape. The anticipated investments will generate significant employment opportunities, boost infrastructure development, and propel the state towards a more prosperous and sustainable future.