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Friday Night Plan movie review: Babil Khan film is slight but sweet while it lasts

In a world filled with cinematic clichés and overused coming-of-age themes, “Friday Night Plan” presents itself as a breath of fresh air. This film, produced by Excel Entertainment, joins the growing repertoire of young adult streaming content. It’s the kind of movie that’s perfect for a wholesome Friday night with your family when you don’t have any other plans.

A Glimpse into the Affluent School Life

The story revolves around Sid and Adi, two students attending a globalized co-ed institution. Here, affluence hangs in the air, and both girls and boys are well-groomed, making it the ideal setting for teenage drama. The age-old question of who to ask to the prom lingers among these students. However, unlike some teen movies, there’s no grungy character thrown into the mix for comic relief.

A Heroic Twist at an Inter-School Football Match

The plot takes an interesting turn when an inter-school football match becomes the site of a minor conflict. Sid, the nerdy protagonist, scores the winning goal, instantly turning him into a hero among his peers. This sudden popularity marks the extent of angst in these teenagers’ lives. The film avoids the cliché of turning this into a sex-and-violence-soaked tragedy.

An Inoffensive Dramedy Unfolds

A drive through the deserted streets of Mumbai might seem like a setup for trouble in other films, but in “Friday Night Plan,” it turns into an inoffensive dramedy. The night-duty cop, played by Sheth, ends up with egg on his face due to an ill-judged throw from the car-load of teenagers. This is about as edgy as it gets. The rest of the night is filled with teenagers using phrases like “bro” and “dude,” playing beer pong, and indulging in playful pillow fights. The heavy-breathing, petting, and sexting scenes that one might expect are absent, as these sanitized, well-behaved kids are preoccupied with their college applications to study abroad.

Babil Khan Shines in a Conventional Role

Babil Khan, known for his unconventional debut in “Qala,” takes on a more conventional role in “Friday Night Plan.” His portrayal of Sid is commendable, and he proves once again that he’s an actor who delves deep into his character to bring out authenticity. Adi, the younger, pesky brother who’s always on his older brother’s case but ultimately on his side, is portrayed with equal finesse.

In conclusion, “Friday Night Plan” may be slight in its approach, but it manages to leave a sweet and lasting impression. It offers a refreshing take on teenage life, steering clear of the usual clichés and focusing on the bonds of friendship and family. While it may not push boundaries in terms of edginess, it captures the essence of a fun and innocent Friday night for the whole family to enjoy.

So, the next time you’re looking for a light-hearted movie to watch on a Friday night, consider giving “Friday Night Plan” a chance. It might just be the perfect choice for a relaxing evening of entertainment.