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Five Army soldiers are killed in the Jammu and Kashmir encounter

An encounter in Jammu and Kashmir on Wednesday resulted in the deaths of four soldiers, including two captains.

In the ongoing conflict between militants and security forces in the Rajouri area of Jammu & Kashmir, another jawan lost his life on Thursday. With this, there have been five Army men murdered since yesterday.

Wednesday saw the deaths of four Army personnel, two of whom were jawans and the other two were captains. Following the event, three more injured people were sent to the Army’s Command Hospital in Udhampur.

Two terrorists, together with a senior commander of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and his colleague, were also slain in the same confrontation earlier in the day.

Security officials claimed that the LeT Commander, also known by his code name Qari, had spent the previous year operating with his force in the Rajouri-Poonch area. According to police, he was shot and killed during a heated gunfight in the Rajouri District’s Bajimaal neighborhood of Dharmsal.

He was also thought to be the mastermind of the terrorist assaults that took place in Kandi and Dangri. He was sent by the group to resurrect acts of terror in the area.

Following a cordon-and-search operation, terrorists and joint Army and Jammu and Kashmir Police troops engaged in combat in the Bajimaal region of Dharmsal on Wednesday, according to the police. During the gunfire in the Rajouri district, four Army personnel—including two captains—were killed, and three more were injured, according to authorities.

Police said that among the injured Army servicemen were a major and two jawans. They were taken to the Army’s Command Hospital in Udhampur.

After stopping over night, gunfire in the Rajouri district region restarted this morning. To guarantee that the terrorists involved in the confrontation did not manage to escape, the heavily forested area was roped off and additional security troops were deployed.

One of the two terrorists that were murdered earlier today was a Pakistani, known only as Quari. They lost their lives in the continuing conflict in Rajouri’s Kalakote neighborhood.

Seven civilians were murdered and fourteen were injured in the Dhangri and Kandi twin attacks, which are thought to have been planned by Quari. He was dispatched to Rajouri-Poonch to resurrect terrorism in the region, sources told.

Quari was a skilled sharpshooter, a specialist with IEDs, and could operate out of and conceal himself in caverns.